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The lunar eclipse of November 8 will blow our minds!

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On November 8, 2022 at 12:03 pm, Paris time, the Moon will pass exactly in the cone of shadow projected by the Earth, which will be interposed between the Sun and the star of the nights. It will be a total lunar eclipse, the second of 2022 (the previous one took place on May 16) and also the second in one month after the solar eclipse of October 25.

An important eclipse

Second eclipse in the space of a month, so much so that the astral news will be particularly busy. This one, which will be a full Moon, will occur in the sign of Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio as well as in square to Saturn in Aquarius, the apex of a triangle formed by the above mentioned aspects. We will therefore be in the presence of astral influences that are as disturbing as they are powerful and that will have an effect for a year, reactivating each time a planet or a lunation forms an aspect with this eclipse.

Reactions to the frustration

At the individual level, this eclipse in conjunction with Uranus and square to Saturn will push us to no longer systematically accept the rules imposed by society, and limitations of all kinds. Those who are under the most social, professional or financial pressure could, under the effect of this cosmic event, literally « lose it » and react radically by slamming the door or by adopting a certain verbal aggressiveness. It must be said that it will be very difficult for us to contain these volcanic emotions which can easily overwhelm us. In the field of love, these influences could just as easily push some of us to flee the marital monotony to live torrid and ephemeral adventures, while others will be prey to doubt and jealousy, the two basic ingredients to fuel arguments and other sentimental tears.

The most concerned signs

As with the Solar Eclipse of October 25, the fixed signs will be most affected by this Lunar Eclipse. Taurus, for one, could find itself in conflict with its employer or hierarchy following upheavals at work, especially in the way it is organized, to which it will remain reluctant. Scorpios, on the other hand, will be the most exposed to passionate crises within their couple which, as a result, will be weakened, prudence and temperance! Leos could have to deal with family conflicts due to financial causes and jealousy within your siblings. Aquarians, on the contrary to conservative Taureans, cannot bear to feel their inventiveness being inhibited by the old shackles of practices that they judge to be outdated.

The pot is ready to explode

From the point of view of world astrology, we find here the Sun, symbolizing the power in place, conjoined to Mercury, the media, communication and Venus (popularity, success) in the turbulent and revolutionary sign of Scorpio, which moreover is in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, symbolizing both the economic and financial crisis that we are witnessing since the entry of this star in this sign in 2019 and the explosive situation in which the world is situated. Let’s not forget that Scorpio is one of the signs of Russia with Aquarius, a sign in which Saturn is located, precisely in square with the planets already mentioned. It would not be surprising if this eclipse coincided with a new rise in tensions between Moscow and the rest of the world, especially Ukraine. The latter country, as the breadbasket of Europe, can be placed in analogy with the sign of Taurus where the explosive Uranus is located. Could an attack or a bomb be expected around November 8? In any case, in the face of spiraling inflation and loss of purchasing power, it is likely that governments will be faced with domestic social tensions that will be increasingly difficult to contain. Note that in the astral chart of the Fifth Republic, this eclipse occurs in the 2nd house (public finances) in square to Uranus, ruler of the 12th house (state debts, hardships) in the 6th house, which could indicate important social movements on the side of the civil service, but also of the salaries, the health sector, maybe even in the police. The army could also contest an involvement not wanted by it, but requested by the government in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

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