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The June new Moon: must-make resolutions

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A breath of fresh air

On June 10th, 2021, the new Moon will form at 10:54 AM Universal Time at 19°48 in Gemini. The annular solar eclipse will amplify its effects on extraversion, sociability, and restlessness. Being in a mutable sign, this new Moon prepares for change in spite of the complex nature of events.

A new chapter to write

Mercury by its side will bring new ideas and open minds, but, being in retrograde, it’ll take longer than anticipated for certain plans to come to fruition. The pleasure of being with others will make up for any problems, at least temporarily. The Gemini energy will prioritize the here and now and tend to put off anything that doesn’t immediately hold one’s attention.

New concepts will be ready to emerge that need be to explored so that they might materialize in a constructive way.

The main challenge of this new Moon and its conjunctions to the Sun and Mercury — all of which will form a square to Neptune in Pisces, another mutable sign — will be to stay centered and not let one’s doubts get in the way of staying focused. Various multifaceted forces will tend to pull us in different directions. We’ll have one foot stuck in the past and another in the future. If this new Moon in Gemini has something to teach us, it’s that we should develop our powers of objectivity and not let anyone take us for a ride.

Saturn will be on the verge of forming another perfect square with Uranus, which heralds uncomfortable situations we’ll need to remedy ASAP. The winds of revolt against the constraints of society might begin to blow.

Value your hopes

Juno, the asteroid that represents stability in one’s relationship, is opposite the Moon. It will shine a light on our romantic relationships. It will push us to make space in our relationships for the magic of romance. Venus in Cancer will support doing things with your partner and will bring intuition indispensable to making good choices. It will push us to be kind and remind us to take care of ourselves and others. Its needs are security and consistency. It will highlight the importance of finding a compromise between society’s demands and our professional and personal lives. We’ll need to find a balance between time for ourselves and our relationships with family, time devoted to work, and time for recreation.

This New Moon in Gemini will put an emphasis on our dreams and what we need to do to make them a reality.

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