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The influence of the partial solar eclipse on your sign

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On October 25, 2022, a partial solar eclipse will occur. This phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, but the alignment is not perfect unlike a total eclipse. This phenomenon will begin at 9:57 am, Paris time, between Greenland and Iceland, will then focus on Europe, then Russia, the Middle East, India and China to end at 2:01 pm French time.

A persistent influence

This eclipse will also be a new Moon. From an astrological point of view, a solar eclipse is very important because it affects people and places where it is visible for 10 years. It will take place in Scorpio, in conjunction with Venus which is in exile in this sign. Under this influence, our whole emotional world could be affected. We can expect major upheavals in our emotional life. Even the less passionate among us may find it difficult to control their emotions and desires, which will be exacerbated. This could manifest itself, for example, in the form of love at first sight that is as powerful as it is inexplicable, and which will affect their love life in a lasting way. For some people, it could be a question of tears, of disputes within their couple, sometimes of infidelities which could call into question the very existence of their couple.

Fixed signs on the front line

The natives of fixed signs, especially Scorpio and Taurus will be directly affected by this eclipse, and by what has been written above. Their marital life will go through an area of significant turbulence. As far as Leos and Aquarians are concerned, the decisions they make in relation to their love affairs will have a lasting impact on their family life. They should take this into account if they have to make important decisions soon.

Difficult maintenance of peace and harmony

From the point of view of world astrology, this lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio may strongly affect the balance of power, especially in the countries through which it passes. Russia, as well as the Arab countries or Israel, in analogy with Scorpio, will be particularly concerned. In these countries, it may be a question of internal tensions or revolts. To a greater extent, peace between nations will be difficult to maintain. There will be many opportunities for military conflict. France, in whose house the eclipse will fall in the seventh, the house of relations with other powers, could find itself involved in a straight line.

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