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The future is in your hands thanks to the Full Moon of June 14!

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The Full Moon of June 14, 2022 will be positioned at 23°26 in Sagittarius at 11:53 a.m. Universal Time. In a fire sign, it will develop powerful energies to obtain satisfaction, and will have the desire to project itself with enthusiasm into the future. Its square to Neptune will require you to know where you stand before you launch yourself into the unknown.

A need to getaway

Difficult to find the North when you are in the West, this Full Moon in Sagittarius will cause confusion due to its major aspect to Neptune square. The desire to expand your personal horizons will be stronger than any other consideration, but you should be careful not to confuse utopia with reality. If Sagittarius is endowed with an unfailing optimism, it can also hide its face by laziness or naivety. You will want to believe in a better world, even if it means denying certain situations that are sometimes complicated or incomprehensible. However, under his sextile to Saturn, you will have to focus on long-term objectives and have a realistic vision of the circumstances.

Success with conditions

Jupiter, the planet in control of Sagittarius is in Aries, also a Fire sign. The energy will be active and ready to take on challenges. Jupiter will therefore reinforce the independent and also competitive side of the Full Moon. You may sometimes find yourself alone in your decision making, especially since the expansive planet will want to manage everything and will be particularly ticklish if you try to dictate to it. This may result in some troughs with Mars also in Aries. Mercury in Gemini at the sextile of Jupiter will bring about exchanges and agreements, especially on financial and material matters. Lack of concentration in interviews or exams will jeopardize your success. You should therefore not rush into anything, as nothing will be acquired definitively.

Desire for seduction

The Full Moon will form a quincunx to Venus and Uranus in conjunction. Its aspect with the planet of turmoil will be a source of questioning on the emotional security and the ground of ambitions. You will have to adapt to overcome dissatisfaction or frustration. Sentimentally, this planetary bouquet will be a good omen to break with boredom and monotony. Financially, wise, and inexpensive choices will improve conditions at home. The Moon in quincunx to the North Node in Taurus will have no choice but to keep your feet on the ground and not get caught up in ideas that don’t suit the times. This Full Moon in Sagittarius will invite you to set the record straight in your love life, and straighten things out with your business, to avoid any confusion.

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