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The effects of the Venus/Uranus conjunction on your love life

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On March 31, 2023 at 0h26 Paris time, Venus will enter in conjunction with Uranus, the effect of this one will last until about April 2. Venus is the planet of affection and love, Uranus, on the other hand, is a planet that brings sudden and unexpected changes. Avant-gardist, it seeks to shake up the codes, to privilege the individual to the commonly accepted social norms.

Storm and Calm

In the fixed earth sign of Taurus, this conjunction could have the effect of an earthquake in the sense that it will shake up our habits and certainties, mainly in the field of love. This could, for example, take the form of an unexpected encounter that will disrupt our routine in a disruptive way or that could call into question our already made love commitments. On a more intimate level, we could be tempted by new sexual experiences, wanting to get off the beaten track. As Venus is in her sign of control, she will be particularly powerful. This being the case, existing emotional ties will be the strongest and will undoubtedly avoid hasty decisions that could have compromised the very existence of existing relationships. Similarly, Venus will facilitate reconciliations in love and the appeasement of couples in crisis.

The most concerned signs

Taurus and Scorpio natives will be the most affected by this conjunction, which could lead to jealousy and disputes within their couple. The former will be better able to resolve conflicts than the latter whose sign will be in opposition with these two stars. For Leos and Aquarians, money and work related issues may cause marital conflicts. For Cancer natives, this conjunction will be like a new breath for their love relationship. New desires, new experiences will feed the flame. Similarly, Capricorns and Virgos will be able to let go and open up to their feelings and sentiments. Pisces should take advantage of this configuration to reconnect with a disappointed love. The astral conditions will be right for a new beginning.

Economic recovery

In terms of world astrology, Venus, a rather soothing, harmonizing planet, will have a stabilizing effect on the economy, bringing without doubt a slowing down of the galloping inflation we are currently experiencing and a beginning of a recovery of prosperity. It is interesting to note that this astral configuration will take place in the 2nd house (the finances of a country) of the Fifth Republic’s chart, Venus and Uranus being respectively the masters of the 2nd, 7th (international agreements, social dialogue) and 12th (the trials and difficulties of a state) houses. Here again, we have the idea of governmental measures that will be taken in order to protect the purchasing power and financial security of the French. Note that in the theme of this event, established for the latitude of Paris, it falls in the 6th house which represents the world of work. We can therefore hope for some improvement in the field of employment. On another level, this conjunction could shake up the artistic world following a scandal or an atypical work that will cause a sensation.

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