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The Christmas of your dreams according to your astro sign

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It’s no longer an open secret that Christmas is fast approaching! Between the Christmas movies, Santa’s calls and advent calendars since the end of October and so on, it’s impossible for you to miss it (or maybe you live in another galaxy). Our astrologer from the editor’s office took a look at the subject and reveals to you what would be the ideal Christmas according to your astro sign. To get you in the mood: pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, play « All I want for Christmas is you », turn up the volume and off you go!

Aries: A Christmas under the sunlights of the tropics… with your feet fanning! When the end-of-year celebrations arrive, you prefer to go to the sea, literally!

Taurus: A traditional Christmas. You don’t hesitate to put the little dishes in the big ones. To impress everyone around: you bring out your best bottle of Saint-Emilion or, failing that, Champagne!

Gemini: An original Christmas. You are one of the rare signs of the zodiac to have managed to keep your childlike soul. You don’t have to organize or cook; you leave that to others!

Cancer: A very busy Christmas! For you, Christmas is all about family. You have the gift of bringing everyone together, even very distant relatives like your uncle’s nephew’s brother!

Leo: A lavish Christmas. If there’s one day when you have to give it your all, it’s your birthday and Christmas! You pull out all the stops, put on the glitter and let the party begin!

Virgo: A wonderful Christmas. The queen of organization. After a multitude of attempts in your lab kitchen: a perfect Christmas involves mastering the cooking of the Christmas guinea fowl.

Libra: A Christmas in the spotlight or nothing! Decoration, meals, tree, you leave nothing to chance. You want to be the center of attention and you’re doing well!

Scorpio: An exclusive Christmas. You’re already not a fan of parties in general. So, Christmas and family gatherings where politics are discussed, isn’t really your thing. You’re betting on a small group.

Sagittarius: A festive Christmas. Disco balls, karaoke, and a little bit of Abba. Christmas allows you to revise all your classics. At your place, all your guests are getting into the spirit!

Capricorn: A Christmas without fuss. According to you, a successful Christmas rhymes with simplicity. You are one of those who decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, so as not to spoil the atmosphere or the mood of the children on D-Day.

Aquarius: A Christmas off the beaten path. You say bye-bye to tradition. You’ll gladly trade the turkey and the log for the Burger King-Netflix combo!

Pisces: A selfless Christmas. Helping others is second nature to you. You take advantage of the end of year celebrations and help at the soup kitchen.

Ho-Ho-ho, the whole editorial staff of Horoscope.fr wishes you a very merry Christmas!

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