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The best is yet to come with the New Moon on April 30!

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The second New Moon of this month will take place on April 30, 2022 at 8:31 pm at 10°29 in Taurus. It will form under the partial eclipse of the Sun, inviting you to sow the right seeds in your intentions, projects and relationships. In connection with Mars and Uranus, its mission will be to regain ground in transparency and without excess.

A reassuring determination

Taurus energies will be amplified with the Moon/Sun duo in conjunction with Uranus in this sign. Fixed and feminine, it corresponds to the Earth element. He likes to take his time and is not at his best when it comes to making decisions in a hurry. You should expect unexpected reversals or changes, forcing you to rethink the way you pursue your goals. Stubborn and persistent, Taurus sometimes has difficulty listening to another side of the story and it will be difficult to force anyone to go in a direction they have not chosen. When Mercury arrives in Gemini, he will lighten the debate and work hard to accommodate everyone without the discussions turning confrontational. Taurus is a peaceful sign, leaving the confrontations to its neighbor Aries. Mars will be in Pisces at the sextile of the New Moon, inclined to pacify rather than to wage war. They will combine their talents to multiply initiatives, profitable exchanges and the freedom to choose the direction of their projects.

Return of confidence

Venus, the planet of Taurus will be in Pisces in conjunction with Jupiter. An aspect of happiness and growth, romance will be of great importance. Difficulties will be eased and opportunities will multiply. Jupiter, the optimist of the zodiac, will see things in a big way. As for Venus, her naivety would be touching if she didn’t have this annoying tendency to find everything marvelous, without worrying about the warning signs flashing before her eyes. The risk of making a mistake will be there under this configuration, hence the interest in relying on the Earth energies of the Lunation. Pluto will position his vibrations at the sextile of the Venus/Jupiter duo, bringing his knowledge of the human psyche and his lucidity so as not to be deceived by misleading appearances. After some questioning, reason will prevail, passion will be released without risk of disillusionment.

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