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The 12 Houses in Astrology

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A birth chart is composed of an outside wheel where the 12 zodiacal Signs are placed. Plus 12 segments called Houses, in which the Planets will be displayed. Each house is ruled by one of the 12 signs. The zodiac begins with the first house and goes counterclockwise around. The Houses are placed, starting with the Ascendant as the beginning of the 1st House. This is why the time of birth is so important as it determines your Ascendant or Rising Sign and the beginning of the 11 others. An astrologer interprets your chart in blending the meaning of each planet placed in a specific sign and a specific house. This is how he can describe your personality, the way you think, talk and react. A birth chart reading will show your strengths and weaknesses and it can offer directions.

In Transits

When planets visit a house, they highlight a part of your chart and energize that house’s traits. When a planet is changing house, the sector of life involved will be different.

The main 4 Houses

The 1st House: It is the “Me” house, the face I show to the others, my needs and wishes.  Ascendant is the most important.

The 4th House: Starting with the IC, it shows the most intimate areas, the links to the family, the place to be, the Home.

The 7th House: Starting with the DESC, it shows how we relate with others, our private or professional partnerships, our potential to share.

The 10th House: Starting with the MC, it will show how popular we are, what are our goals and ambitions. What is our place?

Key words for each House

1st House, ruled by Aries: self and appearance, the mask you present to the world

2nd House, ruled by Taurus: material and physical world, self-esteem, money earned

3rd House, ruled by Gemini: communication, short trips, siblings and neighbors

4th House, ruled by Cancer: emotions, family and home

5th House, ruled by Leo: passion, children, creativity

6th House, ruled by Virgo: daily work, health, organization

7th House, ruled by Libra: personal and business partnerships, contracts

8th House, ruled by Scorpio: investments, inheritance, money, sex and death

9th House, ruled by Sagittarius: higher education, languages, foreign places

10th House, ruled by Capricorn: public life and career, fame and ambition

11th House, ruled by Aquarius: invention, friendship, humanitarian interests

12th House, ruled by Pisces: imagination, completions, hospitals

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