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The very positive influence of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction

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On April 12, 2023 at 0h08 Paris time, the Sun will enter in conjunction with Jupiter in Aries and its effects will last until April 14. Without any adverse influence, we can consider this astral configuration as being very positive for all, even if a little less so for the cardinal signs, but we will come back to that later.

An invigorating new breath

The Sun, principle of vitality and success, is in exaltation in the sign of Aries, carrier of energies of renewal and concrete and dynamic action. Jupiter, for its part, tends to amplify the effects it receives. It is also a planet related to optimism, providence and prosperity. Thus, we will feel a new positive energy and enthusiasm rising within us. We will be ready to embark on new ventures and luck will smile upon us in the form of opportunities that will present themselves, of money coming in at the right time. In a word, success will be there. In the same way, we will have a thirst for social justice and will perhaps feel more than usual this desire to remake the world, to fight for noble causes.

The most concerned signs

Aries natives will benefit fully from this conjunction which will strengthen their self-confidence and their feeling that nothing can stop them. Other Fire signs will also benefit from these influences. Leos could find love or a great business opportunity while traveling or on a big trip. Sagittarians will be favored in their love life, which could get a fresh start. For the cardinal signs, outside of Aries, it could be more difficult. Librans who see this conjunction in opposition to their sign could feel somewhat exasperated by their partner’s attitude, which they will consider too excessive. Cancers will find it difficult to cope with the hectic pace of their work. Finally, Capricorns will be very irritable, on edge, which could cause some conflicts within the household.

Working for peace and the return of prosperity

In terms of world astrology, this conjunction will be beneficial in the sense that it could lead world leaders to propose new political and economic directions that are in favor of the greatest number of people, even if it means going through a somewhat authoritarian phase. Similarly, talks could be held to ease international tensions. A country like Germany could have an important role to play. For France, it would seem that aid or agreements are being made with other countries, or even within the European Union, to stem the impact of inflation on households and thus calm discontent somewhat. Indeed, this conjunction is in the 1st house of the 5th Republic chart in trine to Saturn ruler of the 10th (political power) in Sagittarius 9th house (foreign countries).

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