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Sun in Pisces in 2023: the metamorphosis!

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On February 19, 2023, the Sun will enter Pisces, marking its energy between the last steps of winter and the first of spring. A period tinged with doubts and back and forth between the values of the past and those of the future, but also with hope, as renewal will be intensely felt with the arrival of Saturn in Pisces on March 7, 2023.

At the crossroads

Just arrived in Pisces, the Sun will have to deal with the New Moon and the entry of Venus in Aries. This will change the way you project yourself into the future in a different way, but certainly enriching in one way or another, even if it will perhaps modify previously established dreams. While the Sun will try to spread its sweetness by inviting you to let go, Venus in Aries will tend to assert its four wills with ardor. She will not put up with any delay in realizing her desires and will make it known through Mercury in Aquarius who is delighted to be at the top of the information game, although it would be necessary to show a minimum of discretion in order to bring negotiations and agreements to a conclusion.

An important decision

On March 1er 2023, the conjunction Venus/Jupiter in Aries will give impetus and courage to the Sun in Pisces to move forward in his projects. They will be above all personal, because if Pisces is generous, Aries will remind him that charity begins at home and there will be no doubt about this roadmap initiated by these aspects. It will be profitable and beneficial, as long as self-confidence and a willingness to move forward to realize one’s ambitions will be applied in this new program. On March 7, the arrival of Saturn in Pisces will have the effect of a determined will to free oneself from the past and move on to the next step in pursuing one’s goals. However, Mars in Gemini will not stop talking and its square to the Sun, a source of tension, on March 14 will make you wary of fake promises and underhanded maneuvers.

A step forward

On March 2, 2023, Mercury will pass the floor to Pisces and if its message will be full of good will, its lack of clarity will raise questions and will give rise to more concerns than certainties. It will indicate the need to do things on your own and lean on resourcefulness to manage the day, and while we’re at it, with good shoes, because the path will seem steep at times. The Full Moon of March 7 in Virgo squared by Mercury will force you to face things head on and make the right decisions after careful consideration. From March 15 to 19, the Sun/Mercury/Neptune triple conjunction will bring about a change in your situation and in your communication to reach agreements. They could well become a reality with the arrival of Venus in Taurus who will have their feet firmly on the ground to forge ahead with projects and also think about their finances.

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