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Sun in Libra: the long-awaited breakthrough!

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On September 23, the date of the autumnal equinox, reminds us that energies must be balanced, Sun will move into Libra until October 23, 2022. After a month of hard work in Virgo, this star will illuminate social and sentimental life with its autumnal sweetness. It will offer a scent of lightness that you will enjoy after a well-organized return to school.

Patience is required

In search of balance and harmony, Libras are keen on justice and concerned about conventions.  To please the greatest number of people, one cultivates diplomacy and is rarely categorical, unless one is sure about oneself. On September 23, 2022, Sun and Mercury will form a conjunction before the return of the planet of communication in Virgo. This is an important day to come to an agreement. This aspect will open joyful perspectives in social relations and friendships, during the entire Libra period, which will enrich your address book. The opposition of the Sun to Jupiter until October 1er 2022, will confirm a tendency to believe in the best, to prolong an Indian summer, full of love and sweetness. It is advised to be more realistic with one’s ambitions and wait for better days to do business. The New Moon of September 25 in Libra will confirm possible partnerships.

A turbulent period

On September 29, Venus will land in her home. She will put love at the center of her concerns until October 23, when she will visit her neighbor Scorpio. She will have free rein to express her feelings and spread her message of peace until October 9, when the Full Moon in Aries will stir up trouble and challenge compromises. The Mars/Neptune square from October 9 to 13 will blur the lines of communication. On October 12, Mercury will be in Libra and will have a say in the debates. In opposition to Jupiter, it will challenge you to maintain dialogue in all circumstances, the only way to build common projects. The Sun/Saturn trine will bring by its lucidity a breath of fresh air, by putting a brake on any hasty decision.

A Venusian gift

From October 13 to 22, before entering Scorpio, Sun will be in trine with Mars. This breeze blowing through Libra, fueled by the Gemini Air, will sweep away prejudices, renew ideas, and gather energies to project themselves into the future. Exchanges will gain in tolerance and benevolence. This great breath of fresh air will draw attention to the instability of situations and events, bringing an awareness of the love, which needs to be shared in one’s daily life with one’s spouse, children, family, friends. More than ever, the desire to strengthen emotional ties will be there. Love and solidarity will be a source of inspiration.

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