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Sun in Leo: this is the time to make the most of life.

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Nothing else but passion

Here is the forecast with Easy psychics. On August 22, 2021, Sun will take up residence in Leo and stay there for a month. Its first steps will form an immediate quincunx in Jupiter, forerunning an atmosphere which is focused on pleasure and the desire to share as much pleasant times as possible, with those who shall love us, passionately and evencrazily.

The season of Me!

The Sun will be at its peak. During the heart of summer, Leo will awaken the light, the majesty, and the creativity of all living things. Now is the time to accept yourself and discover the bright side of narcissism, the one that provides confidence, but also love for oneself and for others.

Tip of the month: ‘Don’t let other people’s judgment or the fear of failure come in the way of your creativity.

On 28th July, Mercury will join Leo until August 11. This dynamic partnership heralds a time when everyone will feel a greater need to express right from the heart and be heard loud and clear. Communication will become simpler, law of silences and unspoken Cancer, and speech more colorful, especially when it comes to talking about love, declaring love, expressing feelings, and highlighting one’s talents.

Certainly, this Sun in Leo will be most affirmative and shall not put up with contradiction due to its opposition with Saturn, mainly active from July 30 to August 5. This visit could lead to restrictions, difficulties amid concerns and questions about the future.

There will be fiery love with the new Moon on August 8, which will also offer to connect to your own inner sun and shine on one’s own.

Each day and its grief

Easypsychics.com gives you the details. From August 17 to 22, 2021, before leaving for its neighbor Virgo, Sun will be opposed to Jupiter. Lack of moderation, extravagance, this aspect will be a source of excess, as if everyone will want to make the most of the leisure and pleasures beforeSeptember begins. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22 won’t really care about any precautionary advice and do whatever it takes to live and love freely. Venus in Libra, in an Air sign, from August 16 will take on a sociable and relaxed attitude. Romance will be highlighted. She will have a knack at romantic matters, but money management could turn into a problem for those who will play the grasshopper all summer.

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