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Sun enters Scorpio: planetary storm on the agenda!

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On October 23, 2022, Sun will be in Scorpio until November 22, 2022. Venus entering this sign on the same day, this conjunction will set the tone for this month by bringing to the fore passions, grudges, but also a tremendous energy to transform situations no longer suitable for everyone’s comfort.

All or nothing, bad idea

One will either love or not love under this Scorpio sky. Feelings and reactions will be exacerbated, ambitions will be powerful, and resentments will be tenacious. This Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio at the quincunx of Jupiter in Aries will not take much to set the world on fire and any pretext could be good to trigger disagreements unless an unfortunate drop of water makes the vase overflow. On October 25, the New Moon in Scorpio will suggest that you sweep away the bad ideas of the past to make a fresh start and project yourself into a successful future. On the 29th, Mercury will enter Scorpio, presaging tense exchanges or lack of clarity. You should not be surprised to learn that many agreements will be made in secret.

A more positive view

This all or nothing will not always be easy to manage daily during this period, which is why it would be wise to take the time to return to your inner cave in order to draw some wisdom from it, guided by your intuition. This time of meditation, however small, will promote inner peace, but also sincere and authentic exchanges. This is what each of us aspires to in the depths of our soul. From November 17 onwards, planetary changes will change the situation. Mercury and Venus will move from the interior to the exterior, hand in hand in Sagittarius. This time, you will agree, you will sign agreements, you will no longer be at war with each other, you will love each other better and even sometimes for real. Above all, you want to look forward to a better future and give yourself the means to achieve it.

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