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On March 15, 2023, at 0:41 am Paris time, Mars will form an exact square to Neptune in Pisces. The effects of this aspect will be felt until March 21. Note that on March 15 Mars will square the Sun, itself in the process of forming a conjunction to Neptune, and that the Moon in Sagittarius will also add its influence, forming a mutable triangle of squares of Mars and Moon to the Neptune-Sun conjunction and a Moon/Mars opposition. This means that these configurations will be important.

Neptune, the sower of confusion

Mars, in the sign of Gemini, may cause us to be nervous, mentally overworked and irritable, and above all, mentally confused. Because of its square to Neptune, we will tend to turn, with the greatest sincerity of heart, to somewhat troubled or confused ideals. More than usual, we could easily be manipulated by slanderous or ill-intentioned people around us, or by philosophical, religious or political movements hiding their true intentions. On the other hand, these astral influences can also have the effect of stimulating our need for adventure and escape, including on the love front. This is why some of us could be tempted by the prohibition of an extramarital relationship which could bring us some worries later on. In order to avoid all this, it is absolutely essential that we learn to keep our feet on the ground and not to act on impulse or emotion. Let’s take the time to reflect.

The most concerned signs

The mutable signs will be the most affected by these astral configurations, starting with the Pisces natives. They will be torn between their professional ambitions, their desire to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, and their family, a real dilemma. Gemini natives will also be asking themselves a lot of questions in relation to their work and could easily be seduced by an offer that is too tempting to be honest. For Virgos and Sagittarians, the questioning will be more about their relationship. They will wonder if they have chosen their partner well, chosen the life they are living well and if it would not be better for them to consider a radical change.

Lies, secrets, freewheeling economy

In terms of world astrology, this Mars square to Neptune-Sun reinforced by a square to the Moon could lead to a disruption of world speculation and, in turn, further increase inflation. Hydrocarbons could be at the center of this speculation. It is also possible, as the conjunction of the Sun to Neptune seems to suggest, that false rumors, or manipulation by certain governments, are at the origin of all this confusion. It should also be noted that this astral configuration could announce an accident or a deliberate attack on a means of transportation. For France, around this date, a major social movement is to be feared, which could block refineries and public transport. Indeed, the square of Mars is in the 3rd house (transport) of the fifth republic’s chart.

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