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Spring Equinox 2022: Are you ready?

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The Spring Equinox will take place this year on March 20, 2022, at 4:35 pm sharp, CET. Let’s see how studying the chart for this moment sheds light on the coming trends until the end of June.

A prosperous beginning to spring

The first thing we can notice is that the Sun, entering Aries, a sign that astrologically indicates the beginning of spring, is in conjunction with the share of fortune and is still under the influence of a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration shall favor taking the initiative, taking charge of one’s own life, changing one’s professional life and thus earning a better living. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who will be assured of prosperity. This will be reinforced by the arrival of Mercury at the sextile of Pluto on March 26. Naturally, natives of Aries and Capricorn will receive these influences in an optimal manner.

Awakening of the consciences

Once again while studying this chart, we can see that Mercury is heading for a conjunction with Jupiter, which will be exact on the 21st, and with Neptune, which will be exact on the 23rd, in Pisces. This double conjunction will have the effect of awakening stronger aspirations towards spirituality within us. We will be more in search of the meaning of our existence and much more inclined towards values of solidarity, altruism, and compassion. Pisces and other water signs will be particularly sensitive to these planetary flows.

Increased international solidarity

From a world astrological viewpoint, the sextiles of the Sun and Mercury with Pluto will bring about profound upheavals in government policies. Combined with the conjunctions of Mercury, the ruling planet of this chart, with Jupiter and Neptune, we can expect, at the end of March, a greater consideration for those countries or categories of people within the Western nations that are most in financial difficulty and in need of help.

 Aspiration to be free   

Everything might seem idyllic, but there is every reason to believe that nothing will be won without a struggle. Still looking at this equinox chart, we can see that Mars, a conflictual planet, is heading for a square to Uranus in Taurus, on March 22 exactly and a conjunction with Saturn on April 5. This is shortly preceded by its conjunction with Venus on March 29. On April 18, Mercury in Taurus will unite with turbulent Uranus. All these different astral configurations may lead us to a certain emotional instability which will incite us to reject any notion of order and authority, whether it comes from the state, our employer, or our family. We will have a tendency to want to go it alone at all costs and this will inevitably have repercussions on our love lives which will need to renew themselves, to get out of the straitjacket of habits, in order to be able to endure. Aquarius and Taurus natives will be hit hard by these astrological events.

In April, order hangs by a thread 

From a global point of view, this forging ahead of Mars in Aquarius and its aspects with Uranus and Saturn, could lead to revolts and popular protests all over the world, against the increasing hold of governments on public freedom. In France, the movement could mainly come from the youth, but also from the world of education and culture. All this could lead the government to review and smooth out its legislation. Perhaps, there could even be some legal action against the state.

The veil falls

On April 12, an important astrological event will occur: a conjunction of the two rulers of Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune, in this very sign. This could correspond, in a positive sense, to a great paradigm shift, an upheaval in terms of the world and a great return of the spiritual aspect. Around this date, important revelations could take place, about things that have been secret or in the shadows, which will initiate a new direction to take, a new way of thinking.

Getting back to basics     

In May, we will find more favourable planetary conditions with the arrival of Mars in Pisces where it will form a sextile to Uranus on May 4, a conjunction with Neptune on the 18th and to Jupiter on the 29th. Mars will push each of us to take concrete actions, towards the realization of an ideal. It will be time to act so that what has been awakened since the beginning of spring will be followed by real and tangible facts. This is how we could work to provide more spirituality, or more poetry in our life. We will be inclined to privilege and will get rid of futile aspects, to keep only the essential. Human and social relationships will be privileged over work, money, and possessions. From a sentimental point of view, these configurations will bring fantasy within our intimate life. We will be more inclined to use our imagination to spice up our love life, to try new things and trigger the fire of desire. Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio natives will be particularly concerned.

Globally speaking, these aspects formed by Mars will be the basis for concrete actions to be taken by politicians, under popular pressure, to reform the economy so that it is better for the population and not the other way around. This could involve social reforms, increased attention to ecological problems, and taking the necessary steps in this direction.

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