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Spring 2023: the revolution is underway!

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The spring equinox will take place this year on March 20, 2023 at 22:26 precisely, Paris time. This event corresponds to the moment when the Sun enters Aries. On this day, night and day are of equal length. Let’s see how the study of the chart drawn up for this moment sheds light on the trends to come until the end of June.

The spring of decisions

First of all, we can observe that the Sun, newly entered in Aries, is about to form a conjunction with Mercury while it is still under the effect of a finishing square with Mars in Gemini. Under this astral influence, we can say that the time of hesitation, of confusion, caused by Mars is coming to an end and it will be time to make radical decisions that will certainly have consequences on our lives. On a global level, this configuration could mean that concrete measures could be taken to fight the economic crisis and especially inflation. This could involve some changes in our consumption patterns which could become more measured, supportive as suggested by the trine to Mars in Pisces, about to occur. It should be noted that this chart, established for the latitude of France, finds its ascendant in Scorpio, a sign announcing radical, sometimes violent transformations. Let’s also note that the ruler of this sign, Pluto, will be about to enter the oh so revolutionary sign of Aquarius. It will also form a sextile to the Sun, ruler of the 10th house (government, politics) and to Mercury, ruler of the 8th (transformation) and 11th (society projects, political parties) both in the 5th house, house of pleasures, youth, but also of the educational environment. It is therefore very possible that a powerful impulse of life and freedom will push young people to mobilize to change the status quo.

Reverse to rebuild

Jupiter will be in the spotlight at the beginning of spring with nothing less than two conjunctions, Mercury on March 28 and the Sun on April 11. These will stimulate our vitality and our desire to act to change the world, our world, in all honesty and simplicity. However, this will not happen without a clash, as Mercury and the Sun will square Pluto in Aquarius on April 3 and 20 respectively. During this same period, we will witness a conjunction of Venus to Uranus in Taurus (on March 30) and then a square of the latter to Saturn, once in Gemini. We will then be ready to do anything to overthrow the established order, be it at the professional level, but also at the family or sentimental level. Some decisions may seem brutal, sudden and we will feel misunderstood.

Anchoring in traditional values

Fortunately, Saturn will be supported by both a trine to Mars in Cancer on March 30 and a sextile to Mercury in Taurus on April 5. Venus also in Taurus will form a trine to Pluto on April 11. These astral configurations will help us to remain anchored in what is important in our lives, especially our home and loved ones, awakening in us the qualities of sacrifice and self-sacrifice that will act as safeguards, preventing us from acting too recklessly.

Acting for the most disadvantaged

At the world level, the two conjunctions to Jupiter will bring social changes, stronger aspirations towards freedom will emerge. They may sometimes give rise to important social movements, especially in France, on the part of the labor movement and the unions, especially during the squares to Pluto and the Venus-Uranus conjunction. That said, collective efforts will be made towards greater solidarity with the less fortunate.

Beware of the siren song

The month of May will be very busy with planetary influences. The first two weeks will be marked by the square of Venus to Neptune on the 4th, and the conjunction of Sun and Uranus on the 9th. These astral influences will bring about a certain mental and emotional confusion that may make us vulnerable to manipulation and other disillusions. We will probably have to be wary of ideals that are too good to be true, at least for the time being. Beware also of charmers who talk about their great feelings, without any real commitment. Fortunately, Mercury’s sextile to Saturn on the 12th and Mars’ trine to Neptune will help us to keep our feet on the ground as well as some control over our emotions.

The temptation of excess

From May 16, Jupiter will enter Taurus, which is rather positive as it heralds a certain return of material prosperity as well as a period when we will be able to enjoy more of the pleasures of the senses. However, the square of Jupiter to Pluto on May 18, the opposition of Mars to Pluto on May 21 and the Mars-Jupiter square on May 23 could lead us to excesses, spending money beyond our financial capacity, excesses of pleasures that could lead to temptations of infidelity for example.

Difficult return to prosperity

From the point of view of world astrology, we can say that after a beginning of May made of hesitations, of false announcements, a certain economic improvement will be felt in the world and in our country, perhaps even a relative decrease of unemployment, but the social dialogue will remain difficult, under high tension. These trends will continue in June with a conjunction of Mercury to Uranus on the 4th, followed by an opposition of Venus to Pluto on the 5th, then a triple square: Venus to Jupiter on the 11th, Mercury to Saturn on the 15th and finally the Sun to Neptune on the 19th. It is possible that at this time new international economic agreements will have unfavorable repercussions on the standard of living of the French people, who will then not accept these changes.

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