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Special single astro: and here’s why you’re still single according to your astrological sign

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If you have landed here, it is because your love life is going badly wrong. You must certainly wonder about your celibacy! So, if you still don’t understand the reasons for this lack of love, read this article until the end. And as celibacy is not an end in itself, our astro love coach has concocted a few tips for you!

Aries: It’s the impatience that’s lacking! Oh the Jolly Jumper, your legendary ardor can cool more than one. You multiply crushes and sentimental stories without any real aftermath, that stings a little, admit it! So, calm down and avoid rushing headlong into things.

Taurus: A little possessive. You hog your crush 24/7 and since it’s just you and me, you can be a little too smothering sometimes. So cut yourself some slack. Stay as you are: a passionate and exciting lover!

Gemini: The words, the words, the words. Love gives you wings! Chivalrous, you are ready to brave all the obstacles for the person who makes your little heart beat. Unfortunately your infatuation falls very quickly… like a soufflé. So slow down your ardor!

Cancer: Susceptibility when you hold us. Romantic soul, you coo at the first exchange of eyelashes. The problem? You don’t know the second degree. You close yourself up in your shell. Make room for derision.

Leo : The requirement at the bottom of ball. You strive for excellence and perfection… even in love, especially in love! So, if you want to roar with pleasure in the long run, you’ll have to be as gentle as a lamb.

Virgo: Sarcasm above all! Your biting humor can slow down some of your suitors’ ardor. Not inclined to show off, some suitors may take to the air. Go easy on the irony.

Libra: Living a fairy tale. You cling to the idea of Prince or Princess Charming. You move as fast as your shadow. Perfect love or nothing! Putting a little water in your wine never killed anyone!

Scorpio: Ahaaa, ahaaa jealousy! Volcanic and proud of it, when you feel hurt, you hold a grudge. We’ve already seen you in action, you’re a real pain in the ass! Come on drama queen, relax!

Sagittarius: Independence! You have no desire to feel « trapped » in a relationship. Your idea of love? Staying single while being in a relationship, not sure it suits your crushes. Take stock of your expectations.

Capricorn: Frozen atmosphere. Your rigidity can make you miss out on a beautiful love story, not to mention the icy image you project. So, bring some warmth in your exchanges, just to break the ice!

Aquarius: You are one with solitude. Freedom? Your true philosophy of life. Yet your greatest dream is to start a family.

Pisces: The friendzone. Love is at hand, but still. You don’t always see the headlight calls from your crush. Maybe you need another visit to the eye doctor, right?

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