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Signs impacted by the new Moon in Leo

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On the 8th of August 2021 at 1:50 pm, the New Moon will place its energies in Leo. Suffice to say that she’ll want to look appealing, bathe in the Sun and delay restraining responsibilities as after all, it’s time to get back to work. Its square with Uranus will encourage us to do as we please, to make the most of well-being.

A lively break

Leo’s energy with Mercury’s boost joined with Moon and Sun, will lead to quite a few tools to launch new plans, not to mention projects which should be rewarding. Inspiration will be present to solve issues through confidence and authority. It’ll be a great period to develop more friendly communication qualities to inspire more amusing energy in one’s relationship with others, children and loved ones, mostly. Leo is a fire sign like Sun amid summer and this leads to warmth and light, anywhere it goes.

A need to feel good

Its quincunx with Neptune will require you to avoid being under any delusion during this summer break as it may hide some unpleasant truth. Leo naturally has a thirst for attention and this new Moon could trigger some anxiety as soon as its own need for valuation hasn’t been satisfied. More sensitive and vulnerable, due to its opposition with Saturn, support, encouragements, the positive and benevolent look from others, will turn out to be essential in order to feel reassured.

Open one’s heart

With the New Moon, Leo is interested in self-expression and shows what he/she feels within. It encourages love, the one we tend to feel for our family and our partner. Singletons will feel like frolicking around under the summer sky with someone more than ever, while keeping in mind about not getting scattered through flings, as feelings will be a big deal and Venus in Virgo will highlight this dream to make it come true. You’ll need to bank on loyalty during emotional approaches as the Venus/Neptune opposition will be on the lookout for gullible people and those who don’t rely on appearances, at the cost of sincere feelings.

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