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Signs and dating… If he/she likes you, this is how he/she acts

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We like to talk about love. And because it’s not easy every day to decipher the behavior of your crush between: silences, body language, messages that remain in sight », gosthing and tutti quanti. Our astrologer, the nicest of the stratosphere, (#onestdesfayots, we confess) is ready to give you his astro love tips to see more clearly in your conquistada of the soul mate (#chance).

So here’s how your crush acts when he likes you according to his astro sign:

Aries: Tact to tact. Not the « chi chi pon pon » type! If he lacks finesse, you have a real chance with him!

Taurus: Romantic, yes, but not cheesy! He suggests a trip to Riomaggiore to eat gnocchi and drink chianti at sunset.

Gemini: Old-fashioned. He’s a real softie, and he’ll send you some hair-raising paving stones. You’d better be good at litotes, oxymorons and metaphors!

Cancer: He gets naked (figuratively, but also literally). When he confesses his unmentionable secrets to you, it means he loves you ++++

Leo: The Aldo Maccione of the zodiac. He makes a big deal of it, he invites you to the latest trendy gastro and covers you with gifts.

Virgo: Memory of an elephant. If she remembers your whole life in great detail even the day you bought your first pair of sneakers. #creepy

Libra: Makes you look good. It puts you on a pedestal. If you are the best even when you light the barbecue.

Scorpio: Extreme. Able to travel 1000 km in one evening just to say good night.

Sagittarius: Plans and nothing but plans. He includes you in his life and he plans to go to the end of the world with you.

Aquarius: When the hyper sociable becomes misanthropic. You become his favorite human, he prefers your company to that of his buddies so you can unpack your feelings.

Capricorn: When the quietest person in the zodiac gives you a full declamation, he is ready to put a ring on your finger.

Pisces: Clingy. Even when he’s not « physically » with you, he still finds a way to connect with you.

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