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The meteoric ballet of the Lyrides: An event not to be missed

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A beautiful celestial spectacle awaits you if you contemplate the sky between April 16 and 30: a shower of shooting stars, from 9 to 20 meteors per hour with a peak of activity in the night of April 21 to 22. These are the Lyrides, already mentioned by the Chinese in 687 BC, 2600 years ago. This swarm, composed of fragments detached from the comet Thatcher (named after its discoverer), takes its name from the constellation of Lyra where it can be observed although it gradually shifts into the constellation of Hercules. Each year, the Earth crosses the orbit of this comet and these thousands of fragments ignite in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing this magnificent meteoric ballet.

The myth of Orpheus…

In mythology, the celestial lyre was discovered by Hermes, messenger of the gods. Later, it was in the possession of Orpheus, a musician who could charm snakes and other wild beasts with his melodies, and who went to the underworld to look for his beloved Eurydice. He could not bring her back, because he

failed in his oath not to turn back when leaving the kingdom of Hades.

Artistic inspiration and prosperity

From an astrological point of view, Vega, the main star of Lyra, is located at 15°18 of Capricorn. This star gives, according to tradition, benevolence, refinement, and incites to music. It also portends wealth and success. On April 21, Vega will be in trine to Mercury and the Moon in Taurus. In this sign, in connection with the material world and money, they will favor prosperity and financial growth as well as bring inspiration and success to artists, especially singers. The natives of Taurus of course, but also of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces will be particularly receptive to these influences. On the other hand, at the same time, Vega will be in opposition to Mars in Cancer. We could then be more overwhelmed by our emotions which could result in conflicts with our loved ones, members of our household, our children. This is especially the case for Cancers, Aries and Librans, even though Capricornians, who are known to be impassive, will not be able to avoid it.

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