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Sex in Relationships

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There are some reasons why you feel magically attracted to someone. Astrology has a few tools to understand the chemistry that exists between two people. Composite and Synastry are some of them but in this particular topic there are Planets, Points and Houses that are more linked to sex.

Let’s have a look closer…

The Sun sign will give a god idea of the kind of sex the person is looking for and the energy the person is ready to put in it.

The Moon sign will tell if emotions and feelings are involved.

The Venus sign is about love, lust and pleasures. A close link to money.

The Mars sign will show how much will and power are activated in sex games.

Scorpio and the 8th House represent the sign and the sex sector of a chart.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and the 8th house, therefore it has a big influence as well.

The following Houses are supposed to describe where sex is easily expressed and how:

The 1st speaks of your identity and the image of yourself you want to show to the world. The place of seduction.

The 2nd describes the sexual relationship to yourself. Your self-esteem.

The 5th is the house of sex. It is the place for pleasures, passions and fantasies.

The 7th is the house for partnerships and lovers. Sharing is the key, balance and harmony are the goals.

The 8th is the house for power games, manipulation and possession. Sex, money and death are connected.

Some Asteroids at work

Eros, the God of erotic Love, represents the principle of vitality and passion. It is the force that motivates us towards consummating our desires and visions. It is the reason for attractiveness or repulsion. It will create the physical bond. Instinct and wildness. It is the indicator of what turns us on, our sexual attraction and preference. The negative expression of Eros can indicate a blocked sexuality. Eros’ element will tell how we express our passion.

Fire signs, through adventure and spontaneity

Air signs, through mental stimulation

Water signs, through nurturing and mystery

Earth signs, through sensual interaction

On the opposite, Amor, the Asteroid of platonic Love, can explain a lack of passionate sex and motivation. It speaks more about spiritual love and compassion. Selfless service, empathic nature are its key words. It is therefore important to know your chart before comparing it with the chart of the special other one!

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