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The secrets of the astro signs, everything to know about their little secrets…

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All astro signs have their share of little secrets tucked away in a corner of the closet. Our astrologer from the horoscope.fr editorial staff has specially questioned the planets to lift the veil and decipher the unmentionable zodiacal indiscretions.

So here is the little secret you wanted to keep well hidden according to your star sign:

Aries: Hyper procrastinator. You prefer (often) to hang around and postpone your projects (who would have thought it, by the way).

Taurus: Long-distance love, you’re into it! You are a zodiacal case. What might scare some people off excites you immensely. #sweetheart

Gemini: Master of manipulation. In love, you lack morality. You’re not sure if it’s bacon or pigs.

Cancer: Melancholy sticks to you like old chewing gum. You’re the kind of person who watches « Schindler’s List » at least 4 times a year!

Leo : Date as fast as your shadow. Ready to do anything to test your power of seduction, you’ll have to calm down your Don Juan vest

Virgo: Superstitious. You’re the kind of person who believes in all the evil eye bullshit. If someone told you to step on your hands every full moon night, you’d do it without hesitation. #credulitywhenyoukeepyou

Libra: Hypocrite. Will do anything to keep the peace, even give compliments you don’t mean, but you don’t get held accountable.

Scorpio: Paranoid, you’re exes know something about that. You’re the kind of person who does stakeouts under their windows. There comes a time when you have to let go.

Sagittarius : Go on an adventure even when you are broke. You’re the kind of person who wants to hit the road for the weekend, you don’t have any money? It doesn’t matter, you scratch your friends or strangers

Capricorn : Psychorigid. With you, it’s 0 tolerance. For you, talking to morons, it educates them!

Aquarius: The king of poker faces. If you point out a date that you set yourself, then we can say we’re super lucky.

Pisces: Dory’s memory, the ultimate for a Pisces. You often skip your go’s or crush’s birthday!

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