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Revelations on the Virgo sign

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Native Virgos don’t always have a good reputation, they are known for being critical and hard working. Sun entered their sign on September 23, let us help you discover who is actually hidden behind this exterior.

A naysayer… Or a charitable soul?

Often pointed out for their rational and down-to-earth side, Virgos are very intellectual. Governed by Mercury, they act according to their minds and not emotions. Therefore, one should not hesitate to call upon their wisdom in case of an issue, as they are excellent advisors and always give an objective opinion.

They are often the pillar of their family on whom everyone relies, so they have to carry major loads on their shoulders, in addition to the pressure they put on themselves because of the fear of disappointing. On the other hand, Virgos love to be asked for help and to do favors for the people around them, and sometimes they can’t help it.

Once Virgos begin to trust, it is a very talkative, funny sign, who loves to receive friends.

Virgos have a hard time letting go which leads to anxiety, this needs to be cooled off before they explode, we advise Virgos to take on a meditative practice within their routine.

A workaholic… or an exceptional employee?

Virgo is boosted by the energies of September, and this is not due to chance, they are an outstanding worker! You can always rely on Virgo to help you accomplish your most risky tasks, they are also very attentive to details and they don’t let anything get out of hand, a true perfectionist!

However, their ability to delegate, needs to be reviewed, as they want everyone to work on the same pace! One of their flaws is the need for control, this need makes them feel secure and helps Virgos not to fail while performing their duties. A great need for recognition encourages Virgo to do a perfect job and avoid what they hate the most: conflicts!

Due to their adaptability, their mind suits a career where one needs to juggle numbers and use analytical skills. Their sense of service also allows them to be naturally successful in jobs related to personal care.

An insensitive heart… or a fragility which needs protection?

Cold at first glance, they take time before they can trust, because there is great tenderness behind their exterior. An intellectual connection is essential to attract their attention.

They need a mature partner, who is able to make them feel secure, they seek a stable relationship most of all. This is of major importance to Virgo. They can be overwhelmed due to their emotions, and this lack of control is unbearable. To protect themselves, they will rarely give access to their inner sanctum.

Once comfortable, a new person will come along and allow their craziness to express themselves. Faithful and involved to such an extent that they remember the smallest details about their partner, Virgos do everything in their power to make their sweetheart’s life easier, this includes making sacrifices. Their partner is a priority, and Virgos admire them.

To be clear, with a Virgo by your side, whether as a colleague or life partner, you will be pampered! But don’t take too much advantage of their kindness, they are always a step ahead and know how to turn things to her advantage.

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