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Retrograde Stations in Astrology

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They are stronger during these periods and we should embrace these inevitable cycles as opportunities for growth. It is a time for corrections and for improvements. It is a time for awakening, for developing our self-knowledge and for re-enforcing our inner strength.

What is it?

There are times when everything goes wrong and you can’t figure out why. Retrogrades can be the reason. The Sun and the Moon don’t retrograde but all the other planets do.

Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks, three or four times a year. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. It can reveal any weak links in a relationship or bring back past lovers. Mars is retrograde every two years for about two months. It can stir up conflict and disputes. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto go retrograde every year for four to five months.

Retrogrades by Transits:

Retrograde planets stop you to reconsider people and situations. It would be beneficial to review and “re-do”, but not start anything new. They can indicate internal struggles regarding  goals which haven’t been achieved. They will turn our attention to past issues, giving us a chance to reconnect and revise our thinking. When Mercury is retrograde: re-think, back up devices and data, re-contact old friends, make the necessary changes.

Venus retrograde: breaks up in Relationships, time to finish, forgive and make peace.

Mars retrograde: slow down and stop rushing, avoid confrontations, get back to an old sport or practice.

Jupiter retrograde: go back to study, organize a pilgrimage to a place you loved, a friend’s reunion.

Saturn retrograde: hard work and discipline required, think long term, re-adjust professional goals.

Uranus retrograde: think « outside the box », be yourself without provocation, avoid negative people.

Neptune retrograde: get rid of addictions and hopeless dreams, concentrate on healing methods and meditation.

Pluto retrograde: get away from toxic people or situations, change what is outdated and unnecessary.

Retrograde Stations in 2018:

Mercury: March 22 to April 15, July 26 to August 19, Nov 16 to Dec 6

Venus: Oct 5 to Nov 16

Mars: June 26 to August 27

Jupiter: March 8 to July 10

Saturn: April 17 to Sep 6

Uranus: August 7 to Jan 6, 2019

Neptune: June 18 to Nov 24

Pluto: April 22 to Sep 30

What are the Planets Retrograde in your Birth Chart?

The Retrogrades in the birth chart can explain attitudes, lack of self-confidence and others problems.

Natal Mercury Retrograde: misunderstandings, excessive thinking, communication problems 
Natal Venus Retrograde: fear of being let down or rejected, untruthful 
Natal Mars Retrograde: repressed anger, depressed 
Natal Jupiter Retrograde: doubts, philosophical questions 
Natal Saturn Retrograde: feeling of inadequacy, tightly disciplined
Natal Uranus Retrograde: rebel, feeling different, eccentric
Natal Neptune Retrograde: hyper sensitive, guilt, self-flagellation
Natal Pluto Retrograde: detached attitude, keeps things private

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