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On December 24, 2021 at 8:14 am, Paris time, Saturn will enter in square to Uranus. The influence of this very important aspect, as it occurs between two slow planets, will be felt until January 20, 2022.

Feeling of confinement

Saturn in Aquarius can be felt as an imprisonment, the impression of not being able to enjoy one’s freedom and independence to the fullest. At the same time, this planet will tend to exacerbate a certain rugged individualism that naturally establishes barriers between individuals. On the other hand, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, which is retrograde in the sign of Taurus, will be comparable to a compressed gas in a combustion chamber, ready to explode at the least spark. Under this influence, we will feel an irrepressible need to throw away all codes and conventions in order to live by our own rules. Moreover, we will be as if blasé by material and financial contingencies perceived as too heavy, which may, depending on the person, lead to two distinct types of behavior: either turning away from the world of consumption to turn towards a more spiritual life, or even on the fringe, or on the contrary, spending without counting the cost at the risk of attracting future money problems or even debts.

Fixed signs on the front line

The fixed signs will be the most affected by this square, starting with Aquarius and Taurus. The former will be emotionally under pressure, no longer able to bear the constraints of work or family. They will be in full revolt. The latter will feel shaken up in their reference points at work and will find it difficult to question what they have taken for granted. Scorpios, on the other hand, may be going through a marital crisis. They will feel misunderstood by their partner who will seem to be stifling. There will be a storm in the air. As for Leo, it is in their personal ambitions that they will feel oppressed. The conservatism of the administration or of their current company will seem unbearable and from another time.

Purchasing power at half mast and restrictions

In the world, this Saturn-Uranus square, the third since April 2021, could once again

be accompanied by its procession of restrictions of individual liberties and technological control. Taurus, sign of Uranus, is linked to banks and international finance. It seems that the measures taken are not only related to the health field, but that they also aim at curbing, at slowing down, a world economic crisis that could affect the purchasing power of households during this holiday season.

This is particularly visible for our country when we look at the chart of the 5th French Republic. Saturn, ruler of the 10th house (government) is in the 12th house, the house of trials, but also of the limitations of the nation. Uranus, the ruler of this house is in the 2nd house, the house of finances. We find this idea of governmental measures aimed at containing a strong discontent due to a very unstable purchasing power.

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