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North Node of the Moon in Cancer

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What am I supposed to do with my life? Why am I here? What is my mission?

A change of sign is always significant in Astrology and when it happens for the Axial Node, the changes cannot be postponed or denied. The Nodes are points on the birth chart, not planets.  The North Node, (Rahu in Vedic Astrology) represents our karmic path and the lessons we must learn, the South Node, (Ketu in Vedic Astrology) represents our past life and the challenges we have been through. The North Node has been in Leo for the last 18 months, encouraging us to express ourselves freely. With the North Node in Cancer, we’ll find a better balance between home and work. It’s a time for integrating healthy boundaries with food and for releasing unnecessary restrictive rules. This is your chance to complete things that were unresolved as North Node in Cancer is a time of closure, after having revisited the past. You will have to leave your comfort zone, to find your life mission.

If the North Node in Cancer occupies

Your 1st house, it’s time to focus on your own creative expression. You’ll have the opportunity to be recognized and appreciated for your skills. 

Your 2nd house, it’s time to get the financial security you need. Get rid of debts and clear the path for more stability.

Your 3rd house, it’s time to make concrete plans and stick to your projects. Meaningful communication is the central theme. Be clear, honest and authentic.

Your 4th house, it’s time to settle down, to secure comfort, emotional stability for you and your family. Transactions are constructive and protected. 

Your 5th house, it’s time to focus on romance and creativity. You will feel more confident if you follow your heart desires and your longings.

Your 6th house, it’s time for hard work and take action. Health and well-being will become essential for your sanity and your balance.

Your 7th house, it’s time to build strong partnerships. Take care of the people you love and express it spontaneously and more openly. 

Your 8th house, it’s time to pay off old debts and to solve sexual issues. Psychological exploration is favored over comfort and stability. 

Your 9th house, it’s time to find a philosophy that resonates with your thoughts and beliefs. Over-analyzing can prevent you from moving forward.

Your 10th house, it’s time to assert your authority and to seek recognition for the hard work you’ve done. Get recognition in your career.

Your 11th house, it’s time to develop new friendships and social networks. Don’t be self-centered, improve your skills and extend your connections.

Your 12th house, it’s time to allow time for solitude and introspection.  It would be better to avoid draining and destructive patterns. 

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