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2023, a year of hope

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Finally, the great planetary tensions will fade away. In 2023, negative aspects will become rarer, life will smile on the bold as well as the dreamers. Jupiter, the great benefic, will be at the helm of the year’s astral ballet, giving way to action and Saturn in Pisces will propose that the human being returns to the center of the game.

Different perspectives

Until March 7, 2023, the planetary energy will be very similar to that of the end of 2022, as if it were a question of revising its copy to start again faster and stronger. Mercury will focus on material matters, while Mars will not hesitate to express its disagreements. March 2023 will mark a major shift with Saturn in Pisces, Mars in Cancer on March 25 and Pluto making an incursion into Aquarius from March 29 to June 6. In the Water sign, Saturn will bring its expertise of seriousness and maturity to realize projects with promising futures and will favor dreams that seemed impossible to put into place until now. You can also watch the train go by and not get on it, but it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to be in phase with your deepest goals. In Water, Mars will be less quarrelsome and his words will be gentler in order to calm relationships between people. Pluto in Aquarius will just be an appetizer for a few months, offering us the possibility to open up to a different world or to start adapting to it.

A decisive path

Jupiter’s optimism will be contagious. Sometimes over the top at the beginning of the year, but more composed afterwards. In Aries until May 16, dynamism will be the order of the day and so will battles. You should choose them well and not waste your time if they turn out to be fruitless. It will suggest to look reality in the face, to take one’s destiny by the hand, to show courage in order to start all over again and to free oneself from our fetters. In Taurus until the end of the year, the planet of abundance will ask for solidarity and reconstruction and will be pragmatic about the daily needs of everyone. He could be stubborn with strong ideas, limiting exchanges, even diplomatic ones, especially since he will form a square to Pluto. Some tug-of-war could slow down your desires, hopes and economy, but these bad moods will be swept away or reasoned out and you will have to come to terms with the fact that changes will be inevitable in the more or less long term, but they will be far from being negative, contrary to appearances. From June 5 to October 9, 2023, Venus will be resplendent in Leo to bring happiness to your heart and whatever the daily worries you may have, she will prove that love will be stronger than war, while Jupiter’s retrograde position in Taurus will make you think about the meaning of happiness in business as well as in love.

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