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New Moon of June 29: A force in motion

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On June 29, 2022 at 4:53 am Paris time, the New Moon will place its energies at 7°23 in the sign of Cancer. She will be gentle and soothing, but will have a lot of work to do to nourish her dreams with her square to Jupiter and her sesqui-square to Saturn. However, she will have strong assets up her sleeve as she will be queen of her own home.

Moving forward

This New Moon is in its domicile since it has the mastery of Cancer. It will therefore reinforce his characteristics and amplify the vibrations of the transits of his astrological sky. This sign is far from being only this shy, defensive character, with categorical positions, sometimes interpreted as intolerance. He is also a formidable force of nature that nothing can shake, precisely because he knows how to protect himself from difficulties more than any other. His main aspect is his square to Jupiter. Between a Moon emotionally reactive to the slightest jolt and a valiant Jupiter who does not do things by halves in Aries, sign of Fire, this aspect could generate friction, because the objectives will be different, as for the means of action, let’s not talk about it. If you take this square as a challenge, there is no question of walking with your claws askew and burying your head in the sand, but of following Jupiter’s cursor by living experiences and fulfilling encounters.

From determination

Because of its natural opposition to Capricorn, Cancer is used to Saturn’s directives. Knowing him almost by heart, this Lunation will certainly not be moved by his minor aspect with him, which will nevertheless be important in a process of transformation, aiming at looking beyond the end of his spyglass. The planet of time will invite you to unravel the thread of your history to look at your personal blockages, without judgment, just to move forward serenely. From a more general point of view, morale will sometimes be at half-mast, as there will be no real certainty about the future.

Enchanting loves

While this New Moon in Cancer will be particularly tenacious in defending your values, your family, your clan, your love affairs, Venus in Gemini will invite you to relax by focusing your priorities on sentimental relationships. His sextile to Jupiter will bring luck to lovers who will have every chance to rejoice in their good fortune. Its semi-sextile to the Sun-Lunar duo will be a source of fulfillment of feelings, while its quintile to Neptune will invite you to focus on everything that will do good to your body, soul and heart.

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