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New Moon of February 1st: a turn to take…

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On February 1er, 2022, at 6:47 a.m CET, the New Moon will diffuse its energies at 12°20 in Aquarius. It will start its cycle under its square to Uranus and its conjunction to Saturn, amplifying the innovative and nervous qualities of the former and the more methodical and sober ones of the latter. This is a good opportunity to get moving and being practical.

Going off the beaten track

A New Moon intensifies the vibrations of the aspects it forms with the other planets, which make an impact for the entire duration of its cycle, this means a lunation, which is about 29.5 days.

Uranian energy is unpredictable and its movements always make things happen. Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs. They both share the need for stability, only their methods of achieving it are different, which will generate tension and conflict, as they are as stubborn and rooted in their ideas as each other.

The New Moon, in a tense aspect with Uranus, will nevertheless bring a strong will to turn things around, to position oneself in one’s work, to consider a change of direction, to modify certain daily eating or drinking habits. It will offer the opportunity to widen one’s circle of friends, to encourage solidarity, to choose peace rather than war, to show flexibility, but also courage to dare and take up challenges.

Obstacles to overcome

While the New Moon in Aquarius will be the most sociable, its conjunction to Saturn will tend to slow down the pace, underlining the need to structure things and events, and will tend to withdraw into your intimate sphere, with your loved ones. The feeling of loneliness will never be far away under this configuration, accompanied by a certain sadness, spleen and discouragement. Confidence in the future will be undermined and the weight of responsibilities will sometimes weigh heavily on your morale. The conjunction Mercury/Pluto will refuse to talk for no reason and will not tolerate superficiality in dialogues. The need to understand, to get to the bottom of things may disturb, because not all truths are good to tell. It will bring a good dose of concentration to achieve his goals. Mars in Capricorn in trine to Uranus will encourage you to take concrete steps to revitalize certain aspects of your life, to give new impetus to your projects.

Proof of love

The last aspect of the New Moon will be its semi-sextile to Venus. This transit will have a tender and affectionate influence attenuating the rigidity and austerity of Saturn. Love will seem to be particularly favored, both for duos who will be close-knit and united, and for solos who may make a significant encounter during this Lunation. The Venus/Uranus trine will bring fantasy to sentimental relationships to combat routine and gloom.

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