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On 19th August 2020 at 4:42 am, the New Moon will release its energies in Leo. The fire element will be essential, as Sun and Mercury will also stay, while Mars will get the upper hand in Aries. It’ll highlight the role of oneself, one’s image and how others perceive us, without walking over others but asserting oneself. 

Pleasure within reason!

This New Moon positioned at 26°35, joined with Sun and Mercury in Leo will give the desire to pamper oneself and make the most of all the moments which favor well-being every minute. It’ll herald opportune moments to get involved in personal goals and develop self-confidence, with restraint and modesty. Its trine with Mars will make us bold enough to carry out innovative projects and provide the required courage, to initiate these. One will need to be careful with impulsive choices, concerning life and make sure that these are in tune with our personality. 

Responsibility for all!

Taking responsibility for one’s life and avoiding excessive leniency, due to weakness or idleness, this will be its message as it’ll presage sowing seeds during this period. Its quincunx with Saturn, will encourage to be in control of one’s destiny through willpower. Slow planets in Capricorn, will all agree with this program. They won’t hesitate insisting, in case there are some vague hopes, which shouldn’t be answered through one’s actions or not take responsibility and make others bear the weight of one’s constraints and take advantage of their generosity. The New Moon in Leo will set a genuine challenge: it’ll be your choice to take it up or ignore it.  

Heart asset, a card to play!

This New Moon will be accompanied by the Uranus/Venus sextil, who’ll yearn to ensure emotional and material stability. Being in control of the 5th house, it’ll provide lovers with all its warmth and romanticism, who’ll look into each other’s eyes and make wonderful plans, hand in hand. Singletons can stop being single if they want and set out to conquer the love of their life.

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