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New Moon in the Houses

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In House 1:

It’s important to take your needs and desires into account now, especially if you have been giving too much without receiving anything in return. It’s the right time to give yourself priority and to head for your own goals. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, don’t wait any longer, you deserve time for yourself to take the appropriate decisions!


In House 2:

You might feel more grounded and therefore more comfortable with yourself today. The New Moon will help you establish a solid foundation for the development of your activities and goals. You need to feel secure financially before committing to a serious relationship and this can be the perfect time to take action. Stay honest and genuine and you will attract someone like you!

In House 3:

You are going to be very busy with meetings and gatherings during the next fortnight. With the New Moon in this House, the pace is going to speed up and you will have to go with the flow. You will appreciate spending time with others and exchanging ideas. And your love life might be therefore neglected unless you make some efforts and take your partner along! 

In House 4:

Your house and your family will come first during the two following weeks and you will enjoy being with your loved ones. You will feel proud of the new decoration and the cozy atmosphere you will create in your home for the comfort of the ones you care for. The work concerns could take the back seat now, this New Moon will encourage you concentrate on your needs and desires!

In House 5:

Passions are on the rise with the New Moon in House 5, it’s time to explore your gifts and talents if you are creative. Make the most of it! Love could be the main source of your inspiration and cheerful times are in store for you. It could be the perfect time to connect with your children, they will follow you, be guided and amused by your inner child that will be resurrected!

In House 6:

You have a knack at taking care of others and you won’t change the rules with the New Moon. You are responsible and you won’t run away from your responsibilities. But you might decide to make some changes and involve others to take off some load. It’s the perfect timing for improving your love life, being more spontaneous, more daring!

In House 7:

Your different partnerships will be tested during these two weeks period, you will improve ties or let them go. You should be lucky in love matters if you are looking for the perfect partner. If the situation has gone dull, it’s up to you to change the rules. The New Moon could give a fresh start and initiate a better balance in your life!

In House 8:

This could be the beginning of a new relationship. It is going to be an intense one but it is going to test your limits, that’s for sure. You should change the scenario and play it differently if you want it to last. Same thing if you are in an established relationship, you should bring some changes if you want to make it work better!

In House 9:

There is some excitement coming your way if you like going on a new love adventure. You might meet someone from abroad and this will help you see things quite differently. Your horizon will surely broaden and your mind as well. You could also bring some momentum to your current couple and plan a trip overseas, together. This will bring the excitement that was lacking!

In House 10:

Your social and professional life could be improved if you have a high ranking partner. If you are looking for advancement and recognition, someone at work could help you in that regard. The best scenario would be working as a couple, sharing goals and the limelight together. You could be introduced to an important person who could bring success in your professional sphere!

In House 11:

This is a good timing for getting close to your friends if you have been neglecting them, recently. Even if your profession keeps you very busy, you shouldn’t cut them out as they are surely a source of joy and strength. You could even make new friends and meet someone special if you are looking for a partner. Avoid spending all your time with your spouse, if you need some fresh air!

In House 12:

This is not the time to go out looking for friendship, you will feel like staying still, alone. You might need some “time out” if you have been very busy, professionally. You might need to recharge your batteries and nature will surely bring the harmony you are looking for. You need to find some peace of mind before getting involved in a relationship!

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