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New Moon in Cancer: welcome sweetness!

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Personal anchoring

On July 10, 2021, at 1:18 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, the New Moon shall take up residence at 18°02 in Cancer. It will intensify the need for comfort and reassurance, the need to connect with what will nourish one’s imagination and personal resources. Its trine with Neptune will trigger a sensitive period, that will be more easily expressed through empathy and generosity.Easy psychics makes everything clearer.

Food for thought

In the fourth solar house, and in its home, since the Moon rules Cancer, its vibrations will definitely be at the peak of its possibilities. She will certainly talk about family, home, and emotions, but will highlightone’s inner anchoring, which is key in order not to avoid being overwhelmed by a flood of fears, mostly from outside. Neptune in retrograde could accentuate phobias, especially inareasconcerning health, disease, and closed places such as hospitals. Pluto is in the backward motion shall lean on the sufferings of the past to finally get rid of it, while the retrograde of Saturn will pinpoint doubts and questions and Jupiter will amplify the fear of lacking and being deprived of freedom. The Mercury/Saturn sesqui-square will still put a lot of pressure, but will also allow you to properly structure your thinking and reflection, so that they do not get meddled up with emotions.Get a free psychic reading to see how this may affect you.

Pleasure, love, and joy

Easy psychics gives you information on the New Moon. This new Moon in Cancer joined with the Sun shall form a dual semi-sextile with Venus and Mars, conjunct as well, but in Leo. Enough to trigger good moodwithin a sky which is filled with worries. Venus being a vibrant and luminous planet, its radiance shall reflect on each one of us. The will toforge fascinating and harmonious ties with others and the desire to renew social ties through common activities will seem pressing, even essential. Romance will be on a roll; love will be present with the need to be completely committed to the relationship and with future plans.

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