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New Moon and Solar Eclipse 27o Aquarius: February 15, 2018

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No big surprise, Solar and Lunar eclipses usually come together and 2 weeks apart. February is the shortest month but this year, there won’t be any Full Moon as it happened on January 31 and will be on March 1st. This is the right time to initiate new projects and put forward concrete idea. It is time for big changes if we haven’t made them so far.

Communication and freedom will be the highlights of this New Moon in Aquarius as well as friendships. Its effects will be more powerful as it is an eclipse and will be felt longer. Generally during the next six months. Aquarius means independence and innovation, we will be able to tackle old problems with new solutions and different behaviors. It is the perfect timing to show who we really are and what we wish for. We will be able to stand out by our uniqueness and live as we please, even if we appear to be eccentric or a misfit to others.

The New Moon and the others planets

This New Moon is closely linked to Mercury so everything will happen fast and unexpectedly. There will be more contact with siblings and neighbors, more communication, short trips, possible changes of residence. New initiatives will be encouraged, selling and buying will be easier if the situation was impeded before.

Everything is possible if we are determined and if we have the courage to go for it. The Sun Uranus sextile is supportive but we cannot expect conventional responses or traditional ways of dealing with people and situations. Anything is possible if we take action. The squared eclipse with Jupiter might push towards some excesses so it would be better to focus on one change at a time if we want to progress positively.

It is a good time to get married or to start a new relationship, as the sextile Venus Saturn will give some security and inspire long-term projects. We might have some sort of a revelation, go through a profound crisis. The Mars Neptune square is more of a worry, we can be the victim of our imagination and deception could be on the horizon. We have to keep a watch out for possible trickery and false seduction.

The Aquarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse take place on February 15 which is the beginning of the New Chinese Year, the year of the Earth Dog. This should bring more rationality and more loyalty!

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