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New Moon and partial solar eclipse: a solar-lunar duo that will shake us up!

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The New Moon of October 25, 2022 will correspond to the partial eclipse of the Sun. Their conjunction will be exact at 10:48 am Universal Time at 2° in the sign of Scorpio. Its energies will be intense, sometimes chaotic, certainly stirring, and will not leave anyone indifferent.

An assessment will be necessary

A New Moon in Scorpio most often heralds a phase of transformation, not necessarily a negative one, as this sign is known for its capacity for introspection to emerge stronger. Under this eclipse, resentments and buried anger could resurface with the desire to battle and confront one’s adversaries and enemies. The two planets governing Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, will form a quincunx. Power struggles will resurface accompanied by some manipulation. Mars squaring Neptune will once again highlight unclear situations, the impression of moving forward blindly, but this New Moon will provoke the need to look things in the face, to lift the carpet, to see what lies beneath. The Moon will form a quincunx with Jupiter in Aries, which will fuel the energies of war, but also those of law and reason.

Sweep away the negative

The main aspect of this soli-lunar duo is its conjunction to Venus. Passionate in Scorpio, it does not do things in half measures. This planet speaks of love, but also of money, material goods and these subjects will strongly participate in the actuality of this solar eclipse. In another register, it will be the end of hypocrisy, fear, silences that speak volumes. It will be time to assume one’s opinions and so much the worse if it offends. Of course, the idea is not to make enemies, but on the contrary, allies to end conflicts. Venus and Jupiter will also be linked, offering the possibility of sealing agreements in a more official way. Mercury will be working to smooth things over, to soften the atmosphere and will allow you to speak frankly without hurting each other or turning into a fist fight. During this New Moon in Scorpio, there will be a lot of questioning. Questioning without concessions will encourage questioning.

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