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Neptune direct in Pisces from November 22, 2017

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It could mark the end of a dream if you have been walking on the wrong path, wanting to keep an unhealthy relationship going or pursuing an impossible goal. It will surely be a time for re-orientation, for adaptation to reality and for making life easier for yourself if such a lesson has been profitable, of course!
Pisces and Virgo natives are the ones the most affected but it’s the position of Neptune in your Birth chart that will tell you in which sector of your life the change is going to happen. It would be wise not to expect too much to happen before March 2018, which is when Neptune is back to 14°, the degree it was when it first started to retrograde.
Period of retrogradation
Your imagination and creativity will be stimulated, it promises to be a good time for artists and craftspeople. You will once again be able to express your sensitive side freely if it has been repressed or punished during the period of retrogradation.
Energies will be unblocked and a big weight will be lifted from your shoulders.
You will be more incline to compassion, forgiveness and you will chase another dream, more suitable to the person you are now.

Connected to the sign of Pisces and the 12th house

Neptune transiting in House 1

In this position, Neptune can undermine your self-confidence. You could be tempted to run away from challenging situations. Beware of dreaminess and escapist attitudes. There could be opportunities for creative work but a lack of organization skills seems obvious.

Neptune transiting in House 2

Your relationship with money could be far from ideal. Failing to see your situation for what it is, you could be far too generous for you own good. Beware of gullibility and don’t invest unless you are sure of what your money is going to get you.
Buying arty items could prove a good idea as their values will increase.

Neptune transiting in House 3

A strong tendency to daydream is highlighted, your imagination is more vivid and fertile, which is great news for writers and poets, who will be well inspired. Your voice will be looked after and singers will be successful. Beware of white lies, what you say could easily be misinterpreted.

Neptune transiting in House 4

Your home and family will come first and you will become more involved in your personal life. You will tend to retreat from the outside world. You have big dreams for your house but, under such a position, they could die before long. You might have to care for an older parent and share your home with them.

Neptune transiting in House 5

Relationships with different people, races, cultures and religions will be blossoming but under this position, making new friends can turn out to be impossible. Your creative skills and talents will be put to the test. You will find out whether you were right about something, or if it was an illusion all along.

Neptune transiting in House 6

Health is going to be your main concern and it is important not to become obsessed with it. You might suffer from food allergies, but hypochondria can explain most of your problems. It is important to keep a positive attitude. Difficulties with discipline and deadlines can be expected.

Neptune transiting in House 7

With this position of Neptune, there will be high expectations on the love front and difficulties to settle into a permanent relationship. You must start sharing everyday tasks and taking more responsibility in your relationship to avoid a feeling of injustice and frustration.

Neptune transiting in House 8

Death and sex will be on your agenda during this period. You could get considerably closer to some people. Your power of seduction will be endowed but it needs to be expressed positively if you want it to be successful and rewarding. Beware of denial and self-destructive habits.

Neptune transiting in House 9

Personal experiences and events happening all around the world will make you more compassionate and tolerant. You will try to understand people’s beliefs and you will begin to question yours. You will open your eyes and make the right choices if you stay away from fanatics and extremists.

Neptune transiting in House 10

There could be a change of direction in the workplace but it is important for you to stay firmly grounded. You’re ambitious enough but pursuing your dreams can actually stop you from reaching your goals. Keep working hard and be patient, don’t go overboard and you will succeed.

Neptune transiting House 11

You might be completely gullible with Neptune in this position and your friends could begin to take advantage of you. Altruistic and humanitarian activities will bring you joy and satisfaction. Beware of tension, confusion and anxiety, they could destroy your social life.

Neptune transiting in House 12

Neptune in Pisces in your house 12 is the best position that exists. You will feel the need to recharge your batteries alone, in a peaceful environment. You’re likely to become highly secretive. Your creative skills will bring success but you won’t show off. It is a good position for those of you who work in the care sector, as you will be full of empathy and compassion.

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