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Neptune goes Direct in Pisces, November 25th!

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Recently you’ve been feeling like your dreams have gone off track, but don’t worry you’ ll be much more enthusiastic from November 25th and onwards. You will feel freer than ever and everything will make sense again.

Neptune, the God of the oceans, governs the Sign of Pisces.

Neptune rules imagination, compassion and creativity but it can also lead to lies, disillusions, excesses and addictions. Neptune has been retrograding in its own Sign, since mid-June, blocking everything you intended to do. Confusion, self-doubt and a feelings of inadequacy could have challenged those Summer months. Neptune transits can bring spiritual awareness, religious commitment and more.

Pisces are dreamers, they are sensitive and very intuitive.

They are naïve and can be manipulated, at the same rate as they manipulate others. They want Peace and to see the world as One. They often volunteer in associations often offering their  service for others. Neptune in Pisces could be a source of peacefulness but the fear of losing personal power and comfort, can operate the other way around. During the Neptune in Pisces period, we could expect more openness and care for the disadvantaged of the planet but it seems that Fear is taking over Love.

Let’s see what happens when Neptune crosses

Your Sun: people could let you down

Your Moon: enchantment might give way to delusion

Your Mercury: heightens intuition and creativity

Your Venus: falling in love… with the wrong person!

Your Mars: contribution to the betterment of the planet

Your Jupiter: unsure of beliefs, more in touch with religion

Your Saturn: righteousness softened and life more colored

Your Uranus: rebelling, feeling of “non-fitting with the group”

Your Neptune: spiritual awareness, compassion, humility

Your Pluto: dreaming of change; escapism, control issues

Your Ascendant: confused, exposed, weakened

Your MC: disillusioned with job or career

Your Lunar Nodes: floating along safely or sailing away?

Neptune transiting the Houses:

The House 1: disorientating circumstances

The House 2: beware of fools paradise, money wise

The House 3: good time for expressing yourself

The House 4: hard time for having anything long lasting

The House 5: bringing practical realities on board

The House 6: moving towards your spiritual goals

The House 7: time to break free from old patterns

The House 8: beware of destructive habits

The House 9: experiences bring openness

The House 10: avoid dreaminess in career projects

The House 11: new projects, keep grounded!

The House 12: letting go of secrets and convictions

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