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Merry Christmas 2017

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Regardless if it is white or not this year, this Christmas leads to serious thoughts and communication.
The atmosphere won’t be that light on Christmas day with the inner planets transiting the sign of Capricorn.
Pisces Moon will surely help to relax and take it easy. It will encourage dreams and escapism, beware of any excess if you don’t want to be blamed.

Inner Planets are supportive

Mercury turned direct December 23, it doesn’t mean every problem will be solved on this day but discussions will be more open and more relaxed from then.

Venus changes sign:
Venus leaves the exciting Sagittarius for the reliable Capricorn on Christmas day, love might take a back seat for a while, children and family ties will certainly take over.
Mature and long-term relationships will benefit from this position, partners will feel closer than ever.
And some might propose and make plans for their future wedding.

Mars trines Neptune on December 26, there will be more action, more mobility as well after the traditional celebrations.
The ones who have been too nice and patient all the way, might change their attitude and head towards their own aspirations. With no possibility of restrain or sacrifice.

Outer Planets at work

Jupiter is transiting Scorpio now, squaring with the North Node, if you are not aligned with the intentions of the Universe, you might think about making the necessary changes. But you might wait after the Christmas celebrations to do so.

Saturn will join Sun and Venus in the early degrees of Capricorn, giving a responsible and down to earth attitude to most of us.
Love and feelings will be expressed without any fuss, discretion and stability will be way more appreciated at this time.
You can count on a certain security with the planets in Capricorn, you won’t be disappointed or let down. Don’t expect imagination or taking any risks during those days, everybody will look for harmonious moments with family and loved ones.

North Node will trine Mercury on December 27, you will perfectly know what and how to implement the corrections you intend to make.
Your direction will be obvious by then, take the time, things will surely fall into place mid-January.

Christmas is the perfect time for family gatherings, for forgiveness and compassion.
Even with the righteous Capricorn mood, traditions will definitely be guaranteed. We can expect more practical presents and less expenses.
But the Pisces Moon will help you get through!

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