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Mercury retrograde: the cause of the COVID epidemic rebound?

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Starting January 14, 2022, Mercury will become retrograde. It will seem to move backwards in the sky and no longer forward. This phenomenon is explained by a difference in speed between the star concerned and the Earth, which then overtakes it, giving the optical illusion that this star is moving backwards. It will become direct again on February 5, 2022.

It’s time to take stock…

Mercury, planet of the intellect, is rather well placed in the cerebral sign of Aquarius. In its retrograde, it could incite us to take stock of what our political or philosophical ideals were. Are we still inclined to change the world for a better life or have we been led astray by misleading ideologies that have led us down the wrong path? Are we still in brotherhood or are we too often guided by a strong individualism? The question of our relationship to technology will also be raised. Is it at our service or is it the opposite? All these questions will be particularly highlighted when Mercury conjuncts the Sun on January 23, when answers may spontaneously appear.

…and to draw the necessary conclusions

From January 26, Mercury will return to the sign of Capricorn and will have the effect of making us take distance, both from others, and from the events of our lives. Loneliness, whether forced or agreed upon, will be a necessary element in our reflection, which will lead to a shattering questioning of what constitutes our existence during the Mercury-Pluto conjunction of January 26. We will ask ourselves if we are in the right place, in our work, in our daily habits and if there is anything we can do to take our destiny in hand and realize our full potential. Of course, this process of personal transformation will not take place without collisions: collisions with our beliefs, our old certainties, but also with our entourage who will not always understand these changes that are taking place in us.

Back all!

In terms of world astrology, this Mercury retrograde could lead to some backtracking on the relaxation of anti-covid measures. There could again be some restriction of individual freedoms. Similarly, scientific advances in the fight against the virus could be slowed down or even face some contradictions. All this could lead to a big protest around January 29. This is particularly visible in the French chart, where the Sun in transit ruler of the 6th (public health) will enter into conjunction with Mercury retrograde (second ruler of the 6th). The conjunction of the 29th to Pluto ruler of VIII (crises, revolts, mortality) could generate a possible epidemic rebound.

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