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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

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When Mercury goes Retrograde, isn’t not a time to put ourselves in the limelight or to start project.  It is more a time of revision of our plans and of correction of direction, when necessary. When Mercury retrogrades, we feel the need to check everything again, as we aren’t sure of ourselves and our choices. It would be wise to keep quiet during these 3 weeks, get to the point and get ready for the next round, starting first days in April.

As Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, intuition, imagination, dreams, will be more intense and could even be life-changing. But there is no hurry, especially if you feel vulnerable and if you aren’t 100% determined. It would be easy to fool yourself and take the wrong path, as illusions and disillusions are part of the picture. You will question your ideals and your religious or spiritual beliefs.

When Mercury in Pisces retrogrades for


A period of worries where you question your beliefs but can’t express them easily. Restoring confidence, changing your image can help discovering your new self!


You are going to think about what makes you happy, what are your real values, especially in financial matters. But don’t dream too big and don’t make any big purchase!


Your mind is going to be busy but your thoughts might lack direction and clarity. Avoid making promises that you can’t keep. A good time to contact a sibling you left, behind!


A good time for revisiting your house and releasing stuff you don’t need anymore. Reconnect with close ones and establish new links. But no big dream or expectations!


It’s time to reconnect with your inner child, to get some inspiration if your creativity is blocked. Children can bring magic into your life, allow yourself to be spontaneous!


You must re-think and re-organize your working habits and schedule. Your health and diet will be checked as well, if you don’t feel fit. Keep away from gurus and charlatans!


You might have lived in a fool paradise for a while and you now hit the reality. Deception and delusion will show the work to be done. Partnership issues should be resolved!


It isn’t the proper time to invest or start a business; joint money could be a problem. Avoid taking risks, the time is for research and investigation. Don’t rely on your intuition!


Take sometime to visualize where you are and where you want to go. Check your ideas and beliefs and make the corrections needed. Reassess your goals and ambitions!


Watch out for misunderstanding and frustration on your work place. Don’t expect any clarity at this time. You might feel like changing position, direction or even, retire!


You might withdraw from the social scene to recharge your batteries. It’s time to re-capture a lost dream, to reconnect with your passion and meet some old friends!


You should be aware of your dreams, they could provide the answers you are looking for. Be kind to yourself, meditation, music will have a smoothing effect on you!

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