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Mercury-Pluto square : Phase of psychological turbulence

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On the 1st of October 2021 at 4:34 CET, a square shall be formed between Mercury and Pluto. Mercury is in retrograde and shall be in Libra.

Major soul searching

Libra is still looking for balance, a middle ground and can trigger a hesitant mind at times, as it’s not able to position itself or take sides. Mercury is the planet of intellect but also communication. On the other side, we have Pluto, a planet related to the darkest and deepest areas of our subconscious, impulses mainly sexual ones that one represses. It’s in Capricorn, a sign of order and reason. The disturbing angle formed by these two planets  could immerse us in a lot of muddled up thinking. Our best established conceptions could be questioned, creating some trouble in our minds. Libra is the sign of marriages, contracts and associations and it’s possible that our professional aspirations may be concerned. We may hesitate before signing a commitment or even trying to change paths.

Romantic upheavals

One can also expect some upheavals in love. At times, we may have doubts about our feelings for our partner. In the same way, temptations triggered by a rather intense and repressed libido may encourage us to indulge in discreet flings. For some couples, this square could trigger some gaps, which were carefully swept under the carpet until now, creating a marital crisis which won’t be easy to surpass. Confronted with all this, Jupiter’s influence with Aquarius will help see things with an open mind and tolerance with the other person and others in general. Jupiter, the planet of freedom, will encourage us to emancipate and feel fulfilled by following your own path. It’ll be our choice to find the courage and make the right choices.

Cardinal signs gripped by doubts

The most receptive cardinal signs to this square. The natives of Libra will go through a turbulent zone in their couple. There could be clashes due to purely material questions, which will have a knack at infuriating those who require romanticism in their love life. For Libras and Capricorn, the professional realm will be impacted. Disagreements with collaborators or colleagues may encourage to think about changing activities. For Cancers, an unexpected meeting may put hearts upside down and trigger doubts, especially if they’re already in a relationship with someone. Aquarius are the only ones who’ll experience this astral configuration in the best manner. Their need for emancipation and freedom will be their only bearings, their only benchmark while making personal or professional choices.

An increasingly visible gap

In terms of global astrology, this Mercury Pluto square may shake up the solidity of states who may take on contradictory and unpopular measures, giving the impression that authorities play it by ear. This will be mainly obvious in France, where the government will have a hard time maintaining a semblance of social peace. There will be a gap between the State and the population and divisions within the French themselves. Moreover, current events may be marked with justice measures, directly targeting the government. Last but not least, there could be disturbances within the transport system.

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