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Mercury-Pluto square: nerves on edge…

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On April 10, 2022 at 10:45 am Paris time, Mercury will be in square, i.e. form a 90° angle considered disruptive, with Pluto. Its effects will be felt until April 11. Mercury, planet of the intellect, of the mind, is in Aries, an instinctive sign, which acts and then reflects. In this sign, it will encourage us to make hasty decisions without taking enough time to reflect. Because of its square to Pluto, planet causing profound upheavals, in Capricorn, sign of order and rigor, we could be tempted to kick the bucket and overthrow the established structures. This could manifest itself in various ways: by slamming the door on a job that irritates us, by openly confronting a boss, an employer or even by leaving everything to start a new life. It must be said that the passage of the Moon, a few hours before, at the square of these two stars, will contribute to accentuate things and to exacerbate our emotionality. Whatever the case, you are advised not to make any decisions during this configuration and especially not to react on the spur of the moment.

The most concerned signs

The cardinal signs, already hyper-reactive by nature, will be the most affected by the effects of this square. Aries, for example, could overreact to a remark or rebuke from a superior, and respond rather aggressively, verbally at least. Capricorns, on the other hand, could find themselves in the middle of an intergenerational conflict and argue with one of their children. For Cancer natives…

 Tensions in Russia… and elsewhere

On a global level, this Mars-Saturn conjunction could stir up revolt movements, all over the planet, against measures considered too authoritarian and restrictive of freedom. It should also be noted that Russia is traditionally considered an Aquarius and Scorpio country. It is therefore possible that this country will have, around this date, to face internal tensions, especially from the most left-wing factions. It is also possible that Russia will react energetically to the international sanctions it will be subject to. France will not be left out, because when we observe the chart of the 5th Republic we see Mars ruler of the ascendant in conjunction with Saturn ruler of the 10th house (government) and 11th (state projects) in the 12th house, the house of a nation’s trials, but also of its pauperization, of its debts. We can therefore think that this astral configuration could trigger or accentuate the pressure from the street for a better quality of life and an increase in purchasing power.

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