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Mercury in Aquarius

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Mercury in Aquarius is wild, provocative and extreme. It won’t go unnoticed as Mercury rules communication and Aquarius rules big projects, friendships and humanitarian goals. 

Mercury can’t stand boredom and stillness, it is the Messenger of the gods, it is always active and busy. It rules all kinds of communication and in Aquarius, it will expend even more.

Aquarius can be qualified as the “aloof” sign of the zodiac as it has a strong potential for self-detachment from people and situation.

It is nevertheless, always involved in big ecological projects or in other causes. It is a do-er, effective, determined and consistent.

When Mercury in Aquarius is transiting

  • Your first House:

This is the perfect time to express your point of view and your needs. You will feel like traveling, but you should take a break and relax.

  • Your second House:

Possible negotiations about property and money. Define your sense of values. Broader range of activities and great planning skills.

  • Your third House:

Intensified intellectual activities, more discussions and short-distance trips. Investigate before taking risks. Watch out for extravaganza!

  • Your fourth House:

It’s a time for withdrawing and thinking outside the box. Examine your needs and make room for your dreams, even if they look crazy and unattainable. 

  • Your fifth House:

Even if you feel like an alien, you now the opportunity to tell your truth. You are looking for stimulation and excitement.

  • Your sixth House:

You are perfectionist and want everything well organized. Job related changes and different attitude in health matters. Avoid over criticism!

  • Your seventh House:

You might want more freedom in your partnership and you are ready to explain your point of view. More detachment and objectivity than usual!

  • Your eighth House:

A time for introspection and deep thinking about values and death. Working on detachment is the key, even in money matters. Discussions over inheritance.

  • Your ninth House:

Looking for exciting new experiences, routine is not for you. Good time for travel and mind-expanding activities.  Knowledge, higher education is inspiring.

  • Your tenth House:

It is a good time to undertake new studies as you know what you achieve for. Exchanging with the outside world seems promising.

  • Your eleventh House:

You will examine your ideals and your success. You want to extend the social web and get involved in a big project. You are extremely motivated!

  • Your twelfth House:

With your outside the box way of thinking, you might choose to keep silent on your intentions. You have the feeling that no one could understand you!

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