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Mercure/Uranus opposition: In search of truth

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On the 13th of November 2021 at 4:58 p.m. CET, Mercury, who’ll be coming out of a conjunction with Mars and will be opposite Uranus. The influence of this aspect will be felt until the 15th.

Tough realization

Mercury represents our intellect but also the way we understand the world and communicate. In the sign of Scorpio, we may be encouraged to go and seek the truth in great depth, with an inquisitive mind. This could concern private business to unravel family or marital mysteries, but also philosophical or religious questions. We will genuinely try to lift the veil on appearances, false beliefs, bad habits. Uranus will shake up our codes, our prejudices. Due to its opposition with Mercury, it will lead us, in a somewhat brutal way to change our way of life, to go beyond our materialistic vision of the world and aspire for genuineness. Depending on the people, this process could take place through reading, our personal quest, but could also be the consequence of financial setbacks, which will make us understand how controlled and dependent we are by the material aspect. Mercury and Uranus govern our nervous system, so one can expect to be on edge during this opposition. We will experience great difficulty in maintaining our self-control within our relationships and others. We could easily fly off the handle at the slightest annoyance, the slightest contradiction.

Fixed signs, once again

Looks like the stars seem to visit fixed signs these days and this will be the case once again. Taurus and Scorpio could come across a sentimental crisis. Some truths may be highlight and lead to clarifications which could trigger outbursts, to say the least. Even though Aquarians are very creative, they will not be able to express their ideas within their professional realm which will make them angry and rebellious. Leos could come across clashes with their families, due to unresolved money issues. Relations with their colleagues will be tense as well. Water signs, Cancer and Pisces but also Capricorns will experience this aspect, in a better way.

Trade and transport crisis

Around the world, this Mercury-Uranus opposition could once again disrupt financial markets and as a consequence, the international trade. Mercury is related to transport, there is concern that the economic crisis will affect this sector, causing trouble, possibly social movements following a rise in fuel prices. This is mostly visible in the astral chart of France where Mercury, master of house III (transport) and VI (areas of work, public services) is found in house VIII (crises, transformation of the country) opposed to Uranus master of house XII (debts and trials of a country) in house II, the one of public finances. Therefore, there could be strikes, blockades between the 13th and 15th.

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