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Mars/Saturn square: The shock!

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On the 11th of November 2021 at 1:15 am CET, Mars will square up with Saturn. The influence of this aspect will be felt until the 15th of November.

Look beyond appearances

Mars and Saturn will be quite strong as they’ll be positioned in their ruler sign: Scorpio and Aquarius. This way Mars who is in conjunction with Mercury, shall encourage us to use all our intelligence to see what one can find on the surface of things, behind established truths, so that we can form our own opinion and accede to a vision of things. This may make us question some social rules and conventions, which seemed obvious to us but now will seem contestable. We could then take on a somewhat rebellious attitude, which could be seen through our discussions with others and in our professional, even sentimental choices. This aspect will encourage us to think more for ourselves and it will not always appeal to everyone.

Signes and fixed ideas

The natives of Scorpio and Aquarius will be by far the most affected by this square. The natives of these signs could expose themselves by protesting and somewhat expressing contradictory opinions within their professional or friendly realm. They will feel misunderstood. Taurians could also come across some difficulties at work, in the form of technical or organizational changes that one will seek to impose on them and for which they will prove to be quite resistant. This could also concern disagreements with their salary. As for Leos, the emotional sector will cause them some concerns. A certain distance from loved ones could trigger questions and jealousy. Pisces and Capricorns will be signs who’ll experience this configuration in the best way, as this will help renew certain prejudices that came in the way of financial success.

Reluctance and counterattack

Globally speaking, this Mars triad joined to Mercury and squared with Saturn, could coincide with a significant rise in opposition to what is increasingly perceived as taking over individual freedoms, mainly by digital technologies. It is possible that around this date, one could come across some social movements and that certain « revelations » will be published. This square could also revive certain tensions between the United States and Russia, or with the Arab world. In France, citizen judicial actions could directly target the government, in terms of its Covid crisis.

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