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Mars-Pluto square: The cardinal signs in turmoil

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On July 2, 2022, at 4:10 am CET, Mars will enter in square with Pluto. The effect of this configuration will be felt until the 6th. Mars, particularly powerful in its ruling sign Aries, will above all encourage us to act. We will feel a sense of urgency combined with a feeling of limitless power. We will seek to surpass ourselves and to accomplish ourselves professionally and for that we will be ready to do anything. Pluto, on the other hand, who shares control of Scorpio with Mars, will put obstacles in our way in the form of rivalries between colleagues or conflicts with your hierarchy. Expect to find yourself amid intrigues or backbiting that you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goal. On a more personal level, this square will tend to make us more impulsive and start off on the wrong foot without regard for convention. In love, Mars and Pluto will exacerbate our libido which will become more difficult to « reason with » and will incite us to break down our locks and other taboos that often prevent us from expressing and fully satisfying our desires. However, be careful not to get carried away by them and act in a way that we might regret later!

Fury to live, fury to win

Aries and Capricorn will feel the full impact of this Mars-Pluto square, with the former experiencing upheavals at work that will affect them to the point of anger and revolt. For the latter, it will be the family environment that will be the scene of conflicts, especially between parents and children who will not be on the same wavelength. For Cancer and Libra natives, this astral configuration could manifest itself in the form of arguments within their couple. Spirits and hearts will tend to boil over too quickly. Take a step back, go for a walk, but you should avoid at all costs that an unfortunate word, going beyond your thoughts, has irreversible consequences on your relationship.

A world under external and internal tensions

On a global level, Mars in square to Pluto could cause various effects. Being a planet related to war, the red planet could cause an intensification of ongoing conflicts and tensions at the international level. Disagreements between Germany and the United Kingdom could arise. Moreover, it is not impossible that attacks or crimes could take place during this period, possibly in countries traditionally under the sign of Capricorn such as India, Afghanistan, or England. Under the influence of this square, governments may have to face social tensions due to price inflation and protests possible new restrictions. This will particularly be the case in France where Mars, in the first house representing the nation as such, will be squared with the ruler of the eighth house, crises, in the eleventh house, state projects, agreements with allied countries. It would therefore seem that the government will not have a free hand to apply its directives but will have to deal with a strong opposition.

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