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The need for change

 On 13th August 2020, Mars in Aries will form a square with Pluto in Capricorn. First of all, it is important to point out that Mars is in the sign it masters, which will increase its power. Mars and Aries encourage us to take action, to fight and take initiative. Pluto is a planet which is going to prompt us in an unpleasant way at times to change, revolutionize elements which are outdated and doomed to disappear. This planet is in Capricorn, it’s about changing comfortable habits, the way we perceive the world. This can be felt in the family sector but also the professional realm, where once again we’ll be called upon, to change our way of working, our relations with colleagues and superiors. It’s possible that this aspect makes us come out of our comfort zone and requests us to make efforts and put in additional hours. 

A more or less intensely experienced square

Among the 12 signs, Aries and Capricorn are the ones who’ll experience this square the most. For the first one, it could coincide with reorganization at work, to which they oppose through fierce resistance. Capricorns will confront family upheavals, there could a conflict with their children or even son in laws or daughter in laws. Cancer and Libra will be caught up in marital clashes. Indeed, it’s going to be tough to find a professional and emotional life balance. Luckily, other signs will experience this aspect much better. Sagittarius and Gemini for example, will be the ones who’ll make the most of this shifting energy to professionally forge ahead, perhaps through changing jobs or create their own company. Pisces will treat things with philosophy and will see an opportunity for personal or spiritual evolution. It’ll be somewhat the same for Taurus, who’ll remain calm during the storm and won’t let themselves get upset. Last but not least Leo, given the various clashes which oppose them to their professional and family life, they will see this as a chance to strengthen their fighting spirit and influence. They’ll come out stronger. 

Considerable tension in a changing world 

All around the world, this square is going to revive the global tensions due to the economic crisis triggered by Covid 19. The decisions taken by the international bodies and governments could be hotly contested by the population, who shall protest against an increase in the cost of living and freedom limitations. In all cases, the most conservative parties will be heavily asked to review their positions and their way of functioning, their ideologies. If we are to reflect on France, we see that this Mars-Pluto square will induce in 5th houses (speculations, leisure, arts, youth) and 8th (transformation, financial loss). Therefore, it’s possible to come across financial difficulties due to market speculation. This could lead to business closures and layoffs. An outbreak of violence among the youth could erupt around the 13th August. Last but not least, holidaymakers will need to be extra careful, as this configuration could favor accidents at vacations spots, in mountain areas possibly.

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