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Mars-Jupiter square: Between pleasure, conflicts and revolt

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On May 23, 2023, at 7:14 am Paris time, Mars will form an exact square to Jupiter. The effects of this aspect will be felt until May 28.

Carpe Diem whatever the cost

Mars in the sign of Leo will tend to exacerbate our thirst for pleasure and our libido. Jupiter, in the Venusian sign of Taurus, will be somewhat in the same type of hedonistic energy. We will have only one thing in mind, to have fun and enjoy life and all it has to offer, sometimes with excess. Note that the two stars in

Mars and Jupiter will still be in square to Pluto in Aquarius, bringing about a rejection of established norms and rules, especially in matters of sexuality. With this will reign a desire for everything permitted, for absolute freedom. However, for some people, in love, this configuration could lead to arguments due to a sick jealousy and possessiveness.

Fixed signs in turmoil

Two signs in particular will be more affected than others by this square: Leo and Taurus. The former may have delusions of grandeur regarding their professional ambitions and thus, like Icarus, may burn their wings for having approached the Sun too closely. The latter, however known and recognized for their fidelity, could succumb to the temptation of an extra-marital and sulphurous adventure. Aquarians, thirsty for freedom and independence, could face the furious jealousy of their spouse. Scorpios could come into conflict with their employers over their pay, which they feel is too low for what they think they deserve.

Competing interests and a thirst for freedom

In terms of world astrology, this square of Mars to Jupiter in Taurus could push holders of large amounts of capital to bet on an exacerbated and dangerous speculation that could well destabilize the financial world. On another note, this could amplify a certain mistrust between the more privileged classes and the more modest ones, the former refusing to share their wealth and allow the poorest to live better. This could add fuel to the fire of already existing tensions. If we study this astrological phenomenon in relation to the 5th Republic chart, we see that Jupiter, ruler of the 10th house (government) is in square with Mars, ruler of the ascendant and the 12th house (the enemies of the State) in the 5th house, that of youth, education, the artistic world and leisure. It is therefore to be expected that new governmental measures aimed at correcting public finances will come up against the opposition of the above-mentioned circles, supported by Pluto, inviting revolt and the overthrow of already established institutions.

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