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Fuel to the fire…

On 9th August 2020 at 8 am Universal time, a particular phenomenon is going to take place, Mars is going to be concealed by Moon. To put it simply, Moon passing in front of Mars is going to completely mask its light. It’s going to be a sort of Martian eclipse. Unfortunately, this won’t be visible in the Northern hemisphere, but only in the South American and South Atlantic. It is mainly in these areas that it’s astrological influence is going to felt, even if it’s going to be the case in other parts of the globe, to a lesser extent. 

Tensions persist…

From the astrological viewpoint, the first thing that one can notice is that this eclipse, which is also a Moon-Mars conjunction in Aries, is still under the influence of a Jupiter square in Capricorn (it’ll be the case on 4th August). Globally speaking, we are still part of these planetary configurations which could have been the reason for all these shake ups we experienced in 2020, namely major social tensions due to an economic and systematic crisis (Jupiter, international finance itself coming out of a conjunction with Pluto, a planet related to major upheavals but also infections and diseases). This eclipse could add fuel to the fire, mainly in countries where it shall be visible like Latin America, Guyana, South Africa. 

Emotionalism coasts along

Individually speaking, this eclipse may intensify the emotional side of our nature, which could get the upper hand on reason and wisdom. Therefore, it is important to be ready and avoid going overboard, in terms of rejecting social and professional conventions. Some may be tempted to go beyond their usual spousal values and give into some temptations, out of their relationship. For others, this could concern unbridled and excessive spending. Saturn’s influence may counterbalance these effects, it may be useful to wear dark colors or onyx on such days.

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