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March Blue Moon … make the most of it!

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We often hear this expression without knowing what it is and where it comes from. Don’t expect the Moon to turn blue or you will be disappointed. The Full Moon on March 31, at 11o Libra, is called a Blue Moon or a Sap Moon. It is when two Full Moons occur within the same month. This phenomenon happens “Once in a Blue Moon”, which is about every two and a half years.

There are plenty of songs (Blue Moon of Kentucky) and expressions about it. Easter in Christian celebration happens on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon of Spring. Easter is on April 1st this year. It is often a time of sadness and solitude. But it will provide opportunities to improve ourselves and to release our fears and worries.

As it is a Libra Full Moon, relationships and partnerships will need more equilibrium, more balance in order to be fulfilling and long lasting. The unresolved issues need to be cleared in order to live more freely, accordingly to needs and desires. New insights and new attitudes will follow along, so don’t be surprised. Just go with the flow once you have put yourself on the right path. Things will be easier for the ones who have listened to their inner voice on March 17, for the Pisces New Moon. They should know what to do and where to go!

Mercury has been Retrograde in Aries since March 24 and it is opposed to the Full Moon in Libra. People will be confused and they won’t be able to understand their feelings. It is nevertheless the challenging aspects that react and work harder towards the goals. Make the most of it! It is the perfect time for going out and experiencing new things.

Physical activities are necessary to avoid impulsiveness and unpredictable behaviors. It is important to check all details and get organized before taking action. Anyhow, it would be wiser to wait until mid-April before moving ahead. March seems like a pivotal month and the perfect time for evolving, according to your plans and intentions. It might trigger separations and the end of relationships but it can bring new commitments as well.

Venus enters Taurus the same day, this will bring more sensual pleasures. Beauty, comfort and luxury will fit in perfectly. Some might go back to a previous partner and some relationships can turn into something more intimate.

Mars in Capricorn is somehow steady and quiet. Its authority won’t be contested, its leadership will be obvious. Hard work, determination, resilience and long-term goals will be on the agenda after some changes and some modifications.

Jupiter in Scorpio will also turn retrograde at the end of the month, this can slow down and postpone changes and developments. It is the perfect time for investigations and solving problems. Waiting until mid-July might be right, as time will have answered all the questions!

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