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Make room for novelty with Sun who enters Sagittarius!

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From November 22 until December 21, 2021, Sun will pass through Sagittarius, bringing along good nature and optimism, but also excesses which will be tough to control, slip-ups concerning authority, in its trail.

Positive energy to pass on

Jupiter, its ruling planet in tune with rounding off its trip in Aquarius, will once again have something to say about the honesty and truthfulness of facts and events. Sun’s visit through this adventurous sign is the ideal moment to lean on the Archer attitude and surpass the usual limits, to try out something new.

Expand horizons through reason

From November 25 till December 4, 2021, Sun and Mercury will walk side by side in Sagittarius. Whistleblower, seed launchers, sometimes flame launchers, this position will look towards the future. Some will be adamant about their views, to such an extent that they will be authoritarian. There will be an impulse to embark on the path of truth, a need to spread knowledge through momentum. The tendency to lecture will annoy many around. This sextile conjunction with Saturn shall lay the foundation for a solid construction for the future. On December 4, the New Moon in Sagittarius will have an idealistic outlook, that will not correspond to the realities of everyone’s life. It will only be able to flourish completely if there is freedom to move around.

Granted desires

On December 13, 2021, Mars will also take up residence in Sagittarius. It’ll be about implementing projects to look beyond one’s nose. But make sure that disagreements do not turn into any sort of physical or verbal aggression, due to its opposition with the North Node. During this time, Mercury shall enter Capricorn, favoring well thought-out ideas rather than kind but not really credible suggestions of its predecessor. The Full Moon of December 19 in Gemini in trine with Jupiter, will trigger quite a lot of hope in terms of negotiations and shall favor reconciliations between friends and family. Venus joined with Pluto shall trigger colorful passion, through romanticism and a desire to love for a long time and in a genuine manner.

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